Chrysler Building over yonder

The rumour is true. I’m struggling with infidelity.

Having always been Sydney’s girl, I now find myself wanting to be with New York.

Why did I not feel this after last year’s trip, I wonder?

I keep telling myself that I was based mainly in the Upper West Side in swank Woody Allen-ville, hardly Real Life, you see? And yet… I want to be there still.


Listening/Loving: Holy Grail by Jay Z


Big Apple

I wasn’t ready to return from New York, truth be told. I even tried to change my flight at about 4am on Wednesday morning. I was still out – dinner with colleagues extending to a couple of clubs in the Meatpacking District. But the travel agent couldn’t find a flight that suited so I decided to stick with the original plan.

Thankfully, it’s been blue skies since my return to Sydney and I’ve not had any jetlag at all so it’s back to the old routine…

mid-winter Sydney

I’m very fortunate to live in such a lovely city. Blue skies in mid-winter. Hurrah!


rain rain go away

Last day of the month of June. We’re officially in 2H, the second half of the year, the [long] home-run. Has that come around quickly for you, too?

It’s been raining unceasingly -seemingly- in Sydney this week. And that’s all that one can really say about that.


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What this photograph tells me is that sometimes you need to look at things from a different angle… Because I walk past this building pretty much daily. It’s got a very unimpressive, unmemorable façade at street level. It’s an office block with a café next to the entrance and reception – cafés are seemingly ubiquitous in office towers these days – neither building nor café seems special. I always think how glad I am not to work in it. Mind you, there’s probably nothing wrong at all with this building – I simply prefer the one I work in.

It looks good from this angle, though… And now I wonder, surely there must be pretty good views from the higher floors…

That’s me, always in search of a view.


Sydney Tower above the fog

Actually, I don’t think it’s all that surprising, the reason for my being so sky/cloud obsessed. I live in a 24th floor apartment, and I spend my Monday to Friday in a 31st floor office. My default view is the up-high.

We’ve had fog for a few days. Admittedly, not unusual for the time of year, but this week’s fog has been of the low and lingering variety, hanging around (pardon the pun) way beyond brunch.

The otherworldly effect has been pretty cool.

I realise I’m speaking as a person who has not been affected by travel delays (hello, cancelled ferries and delayed flights). It is a kind of luxury, I think.

Listening: Alive by Empire of the Sun


Sydney from 'The Coathanger'

On a day like today, it’s impossible to sit indoors.

I was out of the house before 07:30 this morning, and strolling across ‘The Coathanger’ with the Bestie a short time later. Evidently, many others felt the same  – there were lots of runners and walkers (and dogs) out on the Bridge… although I didn’t take any photos of them; I always choose scenery over humans, as we know.

good morning, Sydney!

The (Instagram-processed) photo above was taken from Milsons Point, on Sydney’s lower north shore. It’s also where Luna Park is located.

put on your happy face, Luna!

Amusement parks are strange places, aren’t they? I don’t find them amusing so much as odd. The crazy lady who greets arrivals to Luna Park is proof enough, in my humble opinion. Sometimes, she looks like she’s been electrocuted mid-smile. And other times, she looks like she’s freaking out because a bat has landed on her head. That aside, the rides are fun for about six minutes, and then I’m ready to leave – so much for the notion of ‘amusement’.

We wandered around for a bit, and walked back to the city, had breakfast, then decided afterwards to take ourselves to Centennial Park for a picnic as the day was just too amazing. (It still is! I think it might be about 29C (!) as I type this at just after 17:00. Did someone say ‘Indian Summer’?)


Theatre of the Horse

I will fully admit to being ignorant about horses and horse racing, but it’s always exciting to spend a day at the races. It was Derby Day yesterday, first day of Sydney’s Autumn Racing Carnival. It was also the first day of the newly renovated Royal Randwick – and the buzz of excitement was palpable on arrival.

The photo above shows the Theatre of the Horse, also a feature of the A$150M redevelopment. And as you can see, we were extremely fortunate with the weather.

The view from our table

We had a superb view of the racetrack as well as touch screens at our table. It was hard not to get caught up in the atmosphere. I had a few small, for-fun-only, bets while we waited for everyone to arrive. It was about 3pm by the time we finally sat down to lunch. As we were being hosted by a famous wine and spirit brand, there was a lot of Champagne throughout the day. (Yes, I’ve broken the seal.)

Waiting for Race 9 ... and Black Caviar

Race 9 was the most eagerly awaited of the day. Champion horse Black Caviar was hotly tipped to win her 25th race in a row, and as you can imagine, the punters, racing enthusiasts and corporate-invitees-who-know-little-to-nothing-about-the-sport (i.e. me) were all keen to watch the history-making race.

Black Caviar wins!

Of course, the lady didn’t disappoint, winning by a clear margin.


fifty shades of grey?

For a short week, it’s been extremely trying – it’s felt extremely long. Being M.I.A. was totally  unplanned, of course. I wish I could say that life got in the way, but alas, it was the usual. My boss thinks I am a workaholic. He’s mistaken me for someone else, but at the time he said it I was so shocked, all I managed was a snort when what I should’ve done was correct him on the spot. Now I keep waiting for the opportunity to prove that I’m not.

The literal ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ weather of the last day or so has left me with a serious feeling of wanderlust. I want to go somewhere that is on the brink of summer, or at least flirting with it semi-seriously… or at a minimum, somewhere that holds on to summer for a bit longer than Sydney.

anywhere but here

Listening: Heroes by David Bowie


very cold and very chocolatey

I had lunch with a few colleagues today at The Sailors Club in Rose Bay. To those of you who are familiar with Sydney’s restaurant scene, you probably know that it used to be Pier, of the three-hatted ilk way back in 2010. It was a suitably sweet location for a sunny and bright day, right on Rose Bay with the usual selection of marine vessels moored close by on the glimmering waters of the bay.

It wasn’t a massive lunch, and just in case you were wondering why we whooping it up mid-week, it was to celebrate an accomplishment which involved a lot of work and time (not to mention weekends and nights, for some of us) – and we dutifully returned to the office afterward.

I snapped a shot of my dessert, the Sailors Club tiramisu. There was a dry ice thing going on which made for a lot of oohing and aahing. It was extremely cold, extremely chocolately, and I felt a little sick after I’d made my way through slightly more than half the serving – I couldn’t finish, but I did enjoy it immensely. Very different to a tiramisu you’d have say, in Venice, but it was pretty perfect for a hot day.


blue with wisps of white

After a 7-hour day in the office yesterday, I was determined to get myself outdoors today. It was a lovely day, both in the city and over the water – so it appeared to those of us confined to the land, albeit happily.

white over blue (water)

This time of year is the best in Sydney, in my most humble opinion. Neither too hot nor humid. And on 27C Sundays, it’s sublime.


high noon

So. What’s the best way to ask “Who is this?” when you receive a text message from an unknown number? Whatever it is, I don’t know it.

At 17:11 today: “You coming to Dappled Cities at candys [sic] kings cross [sic] this Friday?”

Funny because I had been pondering the pros and cons of getting a ticket. On the one hand, I am a fan (as anyone who reads this blog may have noted previously); on the other, we are talking about The Cross. On a Friday Night. Not my favourite place to be on a Friday night, nor my favourite night to be in The Cross. I don’t think they’re the same thing, and both are equally valid.

Of course I texted back; t’would’ve been rude not to: “Not sure.”

Followed by: “Who is this btw? Sorry. {EMOJI FACE}”

What was I saying about rude…? Guilty.

This reminds me of that episode in Girls where Jessa receives a text and she doesn’t know who it’s from, but instead of asking who it is, she texts back that she’s at “The Best Party Ever.” And then sends the address and waits to see who turns up.

I don’t think I’m likely to get a response now or if I do, the person who sent it will probably make something up because I’ve offended them (it has been several hours since I asked), and when I turn up on Friday, it’ll be too late when s/he accosts me in a dark alley, wielding an axe or Anthrax or, worse still, a bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc. (Just kidding, NZ. But I’m not kidding about Sauv Blanc.)

So. Candy’s and DC.


I’m back in Sydney.

The visit was almost too brief, but it was lovely: to spend some time with my family; to hang out with some good coffee; to wander around the old streets, some of which look so new now, thanks to the myriad redevelopments; to get my Vitamin D reserves up just by being outdoors (it’s not guaranteed in Sydney)…

Right then. Back to norm.

leaving on a jet plane...

smiley graffiti

pink on blue



Sunday afternoon viewingThey should change the name of Sunday to something, anything else. No sun today, Sunday. (Why, Sydney, do you almost always time the gray days for the weekend?)

An afternoon with a selection of dark-side viewing courtesy of David Fincher: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Se7en, Fight Club; and Denmark’s The Eagle (Hej, Hallgrim Hallgrimsson!).

It’s that time of year when I start thinking about the fact that summer doesn’t last forever.


Sky MirrorI apologise if you’re getting tired of all this art, but I don’t seem to myself… I might even hazard a guess that the art is an improvement on me posting ‘selfies’ or body parts (just hands, maybe feet, nothing racy!) photos.

It was extremely hot in Sydney today with the temperature rising to 43C/109.4F in the city, and combined with the wind, being outside made me feel like I’d opened the door of a fan-forced oven and stuck my head in it. Just like being in Perth (where the family is), really.

Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror (2006) at the MCA… I imagine it would’ve been dazzlingly blinding in today’s sunshine. When I lived in Perth, I always visualised cracking eggs on the bitumen and watching them sizzle during those long hot summers – random, I know. Now I’ll think of doing the same on Sky Mirror. (Don’t worry, I’d never commit such an act of vandalism.)


Memory by Anish Kapoor

A highlight from yesterday was the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We were allowed to take photos so I snapped this one (using my iPhone so apologies for the low quality) of the massive 24-tonne metallic Memory (2008).

I wasn’t prepared for seeing Memory in IRL. I mean, I’d seen a few images beforehand, but the piece is enormous! When confronted by the big copper-coloured blimp, one can’t help but wonder (aloud – “How did it get here?”) about the logistics assembling such a piece – actually, quite a few of Kapoor’s pieces elicited such a response. Anyway, this vaguely alien egg is disorienting and jarring – it just looks like it’s not supposed to be there.

It made me think about space and our need for it.


rubner duckyIf you live in Sydney, you’ve probably been hearing a lot over the last couple of days about a big rubber ducky in Darling Harbour. I think artist Florentijn Hofman put a smile on all our faces. And I also thought his comment on this particular work was apt and so true, “It relieves everyday tensions, as well as defining them.”


lots of windowsIt’s almost that time of year again when one’s mind turns to vantage points. New Year’s Eve means most of us will be jostling for a spot from which to view the fireworks.

I’ve got a few options, but somehow the most appealing is the one wherein I sit at home and turn on the television. No crowds, no anti-social behaviour, no trying-but-failing-to-flag-a-cab-and-having-to-walk-for-ages-instead-all-the-while-cursing-the-city’s-lack-of-taxis – need I continue?

Decisions, decisions…


Still thinking about the exhibition from the weekend. I think I’m going to have to revisit before it closes after this Sunday. And get a poster. Even though I know it’s just marketing, I really like the one of Theophilus London, grasping his logo-ed cap, mid-jump.


I went to the exhibition currently showing in a warehouse in Walsh Bay yesterday. Photos of famous people, actors, models, artists, in an iconic garment, each styled just so for the shot.

The ‘no photography’ message was so badly signposted that I had taken four snaps before an attendant came up to admonish me for doing so; I wasn’t the only person who got caught breaking the rule.

I never knowingly break the rules / I’m a good girl – most of the time. (But if you don’t make it obvious, I can’t guarantee I’ll behave.)


The other day, a random and sudden yearning for something Old School led me to The Style Council.

An initial desire to hear Long Hot Summer saw me stumble upon Mick’s Company. Admittedly, my hitherto knowledge of The Style Council is somewhat limited to their greatest hits. The band formed in 1983, when I was still a kid living in Malaysia, where I doubt very much that I heard any TSC.

Not quite ‘long hot summer weather’ this week*, but it’s been just fine with Mick’s Company.


* The weather has been a bit bi-polar of late. Sweltering hot one day, cold and rainy the next. It even snowed in the Blue Mountains yesterday.


I’m mostly of the view that Eating is Cheating on Saturday, but I broke my rule yesterday to have lunch AND dinner.

Now I want to go to Argentina.

Thank you @smcgillen for introducing me to this little Darlinghurst gem.

In the early hours of this morning, our clocks went forward – and now I can’t sleep despite a genuine desire to do so. So here I sit thinking about the second last thing I did last night, which was Boca.


Missed posting last night because I was out Doing Stuff. Specifically, catching Sydney band Dappled Cities at The Metro Theatre. Go me! And on a school night, too.

I have a soft spot for these guys. They got me through the time I spent in Perth earlier this year, at my parents’ place, with my dad in the final stages of his cancer. Now when I listen to albums, A Smile and Grandance, I am transported back to those hot nights in the ‘burbs, wondering how much longer my dad had in him. (Not long at all, as it turned out.)

Dappled Cities’ latest album, Lake Air, was released a few months ago, and of course I’ve listened to it – countless times. It was a joyous experience to see them perform songs from this album, of course, including The Leopard, The Weekend, Work In The Mould. Also, one of the night’s highlights (for me) was the inclusion of Wooden Ships from the Zounds album. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that track.

Well worth the late night and that ‘dusty’ feeling this morning.


It’s not just spring that makes it my favourite time of year in Sydney. It’s Art & About.

Each year, I look forward to strolling through Hyde Park and taking in the photos on display down the length of the central walkway. Trees and photography, hanging out together. Simple, clever, and smile-inducing.

If you are an art fan, now is the time to soak it up – not just in Hyde Park, but all over Sydney. Enjoy!


There are weeks when you all you can do is walk, keep walking. Hopefully, it’s through the park with the whiff of springtime in the air.

I had a nice surprise when I discovered my sister had mentioned me in a recent post. I try not to think about missing my family too much. But I do. If I indulged that thought, I would struggle, much more than I already do with being my Perth-based family’s lone satellite in Sydney.