stripes, pleather and other

No doubt about it. There’s a distinct whiff of Spring in the air, despite the fact that it’s August i.e. we’re not quite there yet (officially speaking).

I’ve got no plans to be anywhere today -well, not presently anyway- but I thought that if I did, I’d be in this ensemble which includes the top and heels I bought recently from J. Crew in New York (annoyingly, the heels don’t seem to be on the website any longer?). The pleather shorts are a few years old from ZARA; admittedly, they don’t get outings as much as they’d like (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!).

Another find from New York was Sephora‘s Outrageous Volume Mascara. My only regret is that I only bought one of these. When will I learn to bulk-buy? I guess there’s always the online option. So, too, NARS Toléde which is provides the ‘your lips but better’ effect. (Question: why are we still paying so much more for these products in Australia? The lippy is AUD39.00, but USD26.00. Even after you’ve accounted for FX, it’s still stupid.)

Speaking of which, I mentioned the headphones in a previous post recently. These, too, I purchased in the US because they’re about $100 more here in Australia. Aussie retailers, you’re not making it easy for me (nor I expect for anyone else) to keep shopping locally.

Chanel No. 19 Poudre, still rocking my fragrance world as any good classic should; a bit of gold by way of a chunky necklace; my white Witchery purse (also no longer on the site); and a squeeze of L’oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil to tame the weekend wilds.


It’s wasn’t quite beach weather yesterday but it didn’t stop a lot of people.

I went for a quick stroll along the beach after lunch – while friends were still sitting at the table gas-bagging – and it was pretty cold. However, it was hard to be cranky about that, what with the sunshine and the blue sky.

I don’t need much in life. A fine sunny day is half the battle won as far as I’m concerned.

Guess I’m as simple as they come.


I spent five hours at the office yesterday. Instead of feeling like I had wasted my Saturday (and forgetting to have lunch), I felt awesome afterward. My inbox is now down to about 100 emails (from over 400). Rejoice! I feel in control again. It was actually awesome to be able to think and do in a quiet office without the usual racket of the open plan. I virtually skipped home feeling light as a feather.

And then the night. It was awesome-r still! Good music, good company, good food, good drink. I got home at about a quarter to 3am, and this morning: No Hangover. And I haven’t lost my voice from all the shout-singing.

Ah, this is what it is to be full of the joys of Spring!

(This post was brought to you by the word ‘awesome‘.)


It’s that time of year again… Long days mean I find myself wandering around after work at nighttime, peering into shop windows, shut for the night.

I know it’s repetitive, I know I posted a window display a couple of days ago, but this blog is a reflection of my mundane existence after all.

I snapped this shot at about 8:30pm last night – I’d left the office a few minutes before – and I was hosiery-less myself. Yesterday, I heard we got to 27C – on the fifth day of spring! Bring it on, El Niño!