Oh, for a good night’s sleep!

Ironically, after I took this photo of my bed in New York, I proceeded to have The Worst Night’s Sleep Ever which resulted in a mere two hours of shut-eye, and the rest of the time, tossing and turning and stressing out about not being able to drop off after waking at 02:12. (And here’s something random: 02:12 is the time I was born, if my birth certificate is to be believed – which is the reason why I remembered the time.)

02:12 aside, I don’t quite know what my excuse is back in Sydney; fractured or bad sleep seems to be the norm these days. And by these days, I mean the last few years. The only time I sleep well is when I’m on holiday.

Just as well that I’m three weeks’ away from said holiday then, isn’t it? Because I’m feeling quite frayed at the edges as we speak.


Listening: Asleep by The Smiths



apparently, heaps

Seriously, told myself as I left the office last Friday at 8pm that I would need to arrive to work on Monday well rested and ready for a big day.

Last night, I had to forgo dinner due to an inexplicable bellyache that arrived precisely at the wrong time – and then invited his friend, nausea, to join the party.

Later, I tossed and turned until around 02:30, unable – no matter how much I tried – to grab hold of sleep.

So. Feeling awesome this morning. Not.

Stack it on, Monday. Make it heaps.


furry friend

I’ve been extremely sleep-deprived today, and as a result, tired and unable to think straight. So all I will say is, whatever happens, however it happens, if the whole reincarnation business is legit and it really does go on, I would like to put in a request now to return as a domesticated cat. They always strike me as a species that knows just how to get their relax on, whether it’s in a sunny spot or a comfy position on their owners’ bed. I can’t imagine a domesticated cat would ever experience sleep deprivation.

What I would do for an entire week of good solid sleep.


Still fixating on elsewhere

I don’t want to find somewhere new so much as be elsewhere. I’d be quite happy to be in a familiar place.

That said, perhaps what I really want is Quality Sleep for more than six hours a night. Why is it so difficult to achieve recently?

I think I’d be quite able to see things in a different light.

Thoughts on places, and by that, I mean life’s journey itself, percolating in my head. We don’t always take the straightest route, do we? And when do we know when to stop moving, that we’ve arrived at our destination? When it’s OK to stop… sit… enjoy… snooze.

Listening: Elvis by The Rubens


come to me, caffeine!

Could’ve done with a big one of these today. Or maybe just a bit more sleep.

So pardon the lack of the usual sharing inane chatter, but I’m bushed and I need my bed.

Selamat malam!


sshhh!I go for weeks without dreaming, or at least, remembering my dreams… but this week-! A couple of nights ago, my dream featured two partners from my office, one of whom wanted to borrow the other’s (silvery-white) hairpiece. I don’t know what I was doing there, but I was. There. Watching with amusement as the serious older partner tried the hairpiece on for size then snatched it off his head and threw it back to the other younger partner and said, “No, I think people will be able to tell.” The funny thing was the older partner is (and was, in the dream) dark-haired and not in need of a piece. Very sensible, or else he would’ve gone out looking like a Top Deck chocolate bar.

This morning, I woke to another dream. A steamy, racy, saucy, raunchy sex dream. O.M.G. W.T.F. My heart was racing as I got out of bed, and I think I might’ve even been blushing. If I had been a 15-year old boy, I’m sure things would’ve been messy. Perhaps I’ve shared too much. I’m not sure why… I guess over-sharing has been somewhat of a theme this week. I can only apologise.



What day is it? I’ve been more or less in ‘off’ mode for the last 24 hours. Managed to sleep until 5am today (unlike the 3am wide-awakening of the day before) and went for a 6am-ish run in the park, so now feeling pretty much normal. I’m walking around the city now thinking about it in terms of “This is where I’ll retire eventually.” I know I’m a still young to be thinking such thoughts but this is probably the first time I’ve ever really thought of the future in terms of a plan. I’ve always simply gone with the flow.