sssh, coffeeThe title of this photo is “Don’t speak to me until I’ve finished drinking this coffee (while I listen to the new Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds album)”. Some days are just like that, y’know? Who knows the reason.

Rings by Lovisa, Basic V Neck Tee in blue marle by Witchery, nail colour by L’oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis in Rose Paradis #201


You may not be seeing me – or rather, seeing any posts from me – in the next week or so. Work’s a little on the all-consuming side right now, and I have the firm’s annual meeting on my hands, with this year’s gathering being more important than they have been for a while. So it’s all hands on deck, feet paddling frantically beneath the surface, head-down-bum-up, and nose to grindstone. More clich√©s and body parts than you can poke a stick at!

See you soon!


More than one person has commented that I seem to only post non-smiling self-portraits, and I suppose there is some truth to that. So here is a smiley one. I like the sun-flare and the fact that the image is not perfectly sharp.

In other news, I’m apparently an annoying person who goes dark, drops off the radar, goes completely AWOL, sometimes, and I’m hopelessly uncommunicative, and I should make more of an effort to respond to personal emails. (Wow. OK, don’t hold back. Sometimes one can’t help but regret asking for feedback. Also I have no emotional intelligence – yes, I was told that months ago, but it’s still memorable in a stinging way.) However, I like to think that when you get me one-to-one, I make up for it in spades. Can I get a highfuckingfive, please?


Mojo came, mojo went. What does it look like when mojo is in the house? Ha.

Come back, mojo!

Ah, I miss those days of frivolity, mischief and silliness…

(In the meantime, I’m listening to Dappled Cities’ new album Lake Air, which is tremendous and joyful and makes me think ahead to warmer days. Not to mention, October 4, when the band plays its Sydney show in support of the new album. Massively.¬†Excited. Honest. If my mojo was in the house, I’d be all boing-boing-boing. Y’know?)


Red. It makes me all manner of self-conscious. Hence the face shot. Why not feel the full force of the discomfort? Yeah. Red was for a celebration…

Tonight, a dinner to celebrate my cousin-in-law becoming an Australian citizen at a nice enough place in Paddington. As we were wrapping things up, a hum-dinger.

Male (as he threw an item of clothing at Female, and then proceeded to stomp down the stairs): “You’re a F###IN’ MOLE! SUCK MY D###!”

Female: “But Mick–!”

Male (coming back up the stairs to deliver the line): “Get away from me, B####!” (Erhm… None of us felt brave enough to point out at this juncture that he was the one who had come back… so shouldn’t he have been the one to heed the “get away” demand?)

I suppose you couldn’t really get more Aussie than that. Well, maybe you could. He could’ve thrown a meat pie instead of a jacket.

(And yes, in case you had noticed, I am indeed wearing the top.)