Reds in a row

Reds in a row, L to R: NARS Satin Afghan Red;  CHANEL Rouge Allure Lacque Coromandel #72NARS Semi Matte Shanghai Express; Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Red CarpetSmashbox Photo Finish Ravishing; NARS Semi Matte Fire Down BelowMaybelline Color Sensational Red Revival

I was doing so well. I had even allowed myself to think that I would be able to get through all this year without buying any more reds because, in my humble opinion, more than a couple is too many, and frankly, it’s been ages since I got to the bottom of a ‘stick.

Interestingly, I was chatting to a Singapore Airlines pilot-friend and he said, “All the females I know go through at least one lipstick a month.” Well, of course! All the females he knows are flight attendants probably and of course they use at least one a month. I, on the other hand, am rather less committed/regular in my application of lippy. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Especially the nude shades upon which I had been fixated for the last five to seven years. (NARS Dolce Vita, I’m looking at you!)

Pilots, flight attendants and nudes aside… Lately, I’ve been obsessed with finding The Perfect Red and so I’ve bought a few more and have been wearing a different one each day for the last week or so.

NARS Fire Down Below is the first product I ever purchased from the range way back in 1996 – it was from London’s Liberty (I spent many days off wandering around the Beauty department and have very fond memories of the place!) – and I loved the rubberised case with its wraparound stark white logo (I still love it)… to say nothing of the cheeky shade names, and the actual products themselves (wonderfully pigmented products).

I’m sorry, I’ve been rambling all over the reds. What I wanted to say was of all the ones shown above, NARS’ Shanghai Express is my favourite. It’s just the right shade of red, neither to bright nor too dark, and the matte finish makes it easy to wear. If the finish is too shiny or ‘slippy’, it can look a little trampy, if you know what I mean!


Honestly, I wasn’t thinking much at the time, certainly not about whether it would make a worthwhile shot.

Well, no, I lie. I was thinking: “Is that her REAL hair?!” And then I noticed the fake hair extension clips on the roots at the base of her head. I don’t understand why anyone would go for fake hair extensions – shoddy ones – and then put her hair up in a pony which reveals all that clippy fakery. It wasn’t good. I kept trying to look away, but I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from it. In my defence, the sun was blinding and it was hard to look anywhere else.

That’s right, I blame the slow sunset.


Are these the biggest strawberries I’ve seen in a while? Possibly.

I love the way they look but I never knowingly eat fresh strawberries. Just don’t like ’em.

However, strawberry gives the most beautiful red. Cheers me up. And sometimes, I almost want to grab a marker pen and draw on smiley faces.

Happy Thursday.


Red. It makes me all manner of self-conscious. Hence the face shot. Why not feel the full force of the discomfort? Yeah. Red was for a celebration…

Tonight, a dinner to celebrate my cousin-in-law becoming an Australian citizen at a nice enough place in Paddington. As we were wrapping things up, a hum-dinger.

Male (as he threw an item of clothing at Female, and then proceeded to stomp down the stairs): “You’re a F###IN’ MOLE! SUCK MY D###!”

Female: “But Mick–!”

Male (coming back up the stairs to deliver the line): “Get away from me, B####!” (Erhm… None of us felt brave enough to point out at this juncture that he was the one who had come back… so shouldn’t he have been the one to heed the “get away” demand?)

I suppose you couldn’t really get more Aussie than that. Well, maybe you could. He could’ve thrown a meat pie instead of a jacket.

(And yes, in case you had noticed, I am indeed wearing the top.)


I did say that I was in the USA recently for work, didn’t I? Because it was a work trip, I didn’t do anything remotely interesting like sightseeing, but I did manage to fit in a few visits to Walgreens in San Francisco and Duane Reade in New York.

Big deal, I hear you say, but my drugstore experience was exactly what was needed on the Essie front. This nail polish range is AUD 18.95 in Australia whereas Stateside, it is merely USD 8.00! And although I didn’t need more classic, natural pale pinks in my collection, for less than $10 each, why not?

If you ask me, I reckon I was relatively restrained – I only grabbed two plus a bottle of Feed Me Intense Hydration Treatment. I couldn’t go past Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle, the latter being the shade that seems to swipe a swag of beauty awards each year. To be honest, I prefer Ballet Slippers because Mam’zelle is a bit too opaque-white on me (if that makes any sense), but I have found that a coat of that worn with the ‘Slippers on top seems to work well.

Post-script: I totally forgot I also bought a red in the form of A-List! I don’t know how I could possibly have forgotten! (Perhaps I should’ve waited for the second coffee to kick in this morning before I clicked ‘Publish’.) So, I’ve updated the photo as well.

Left to right: Feed Me, A-List, Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle