You’d be forgiven for thinking we stopped at MoVida for lunch, it is situated in Hosier Lane after all… But when you’ve only got a three-quarters of a weekend’s worth of meals and a list of places to try, you have to make some tough decisions. We already have a MoVida in Sydney and the reports I’ve heard have been mixed/lukewarm (“overpriced!”, “yeah, not bad,” for example, didn’t quite cut it for me) – it was quite easy for me to focus on a couple of other venues. Also, and here’s the real truth of the matter. As much as I love a good meal, I love bricks ‘n mortar more.

I couldn’t walk past this part of Melbourne (Hosier Lane and one or two of other lanes off Flinders Lane) without taking a few snappy snaps. They’re just so much fun! I would’ve taken a tonne more shots, but when your company barely tolerates your fixation for photographs, you take only a few and keep moving so as not to completely use up your credit for the weekend.

Hosier Lane graffiti

more graffiti

you've been framed


Listening: Emkay by Bonobo


Still thinking about the exhibition from the weekend. I think I’m going to have to revisit before it closes after this Sunday. And get a poster. Even though I know it’s just marketing, I really like the one of Theophilus London, grasping his logo-ed cap, mid-jump.


I went to the exhibition currently showing in a warehouse in Walsh Bay yesterday. Photos of famous people, actors, models, artists, in an iconic garment, each styled just so for the shot.

The ‘no photography’ message was so badly signposted that I had taken four snaps before an attendant came up to admonish me for doing so; I wasn’t the only person who got caught breaking the rule.

I never knowingly break the rules / I’m a good girl – most of the time. (But if you don’t make it obvious, I can’t guarantee I’ll behave.)


It’s not just spring that makes it my favourite time of year in Sydney. It’s Art & About.

Each year, I look forward to strolling through Hyde Park and taking in the photos on display down the length of the central walkway. Trees and photography, hanging out together. Simple, clever, and smile-inducing.

If you are an art fan, now is the time to soak it up – not just in Hyde Park, but all over Sydney. Enjoy!


For the longest time, I used to be self-conscious about putting on lipstick in front of a mirror when in a public restroom. I used to wonder how other women could just slap it on, carefree and easy, in the presence of others. I’d put on my lippie while still in the cubicle, even when I didn’t always have a [hand] mirror – I guess it explains how I’m now quite good at staying ‘within the lines’ sans the aid of a reflective surface.

Taking photos is another such thing; photography in public makes me self-conscious, the way lipstick used to do. I’ve walked away many a time from something I’ve wanted to capture because someone else was there. (And then gone back later, hoping for a private minute or two. Sometimes succeeding, sometimes not.)

Like yesterday, when I found myself at Bond One, 20 Windmill Street in Sydney. I was drawn to the art on the wall outside as I tend to be of lots of indigenous art, and especially the black-and-white ones. As I took the shot, a man emerged through the glass door on the side – the after hours entrance – I hadn’t noticed him earlier. Ah, here it was again, the cloud of embarrassment descended, and I almost felt like apologising for being caught photographing a wall. He glanced at me. I began to walk away, pretending to look at something on my phone.

Which is the reason why I don’t know the title of the piece – didn’t check the wall for a plaque or information on the piece. But I do know it’s by Dorothy Napangardi because someone on Instagram told me so.