I like the city when it’s empty. On a Saturday morning when there’s hardly anyone around. All the places that I frequent, Monday to Friday, silenced by Saturday. I’m dressed, I wander. I look up, I hope it won’t rain. I walk. I ponder. I try not to walk in a square around my office building. It’s habit. A couple of hours later, I stop. I’m ready to face other humans. (…Oh, wait. that’s my reflection.)

Those days when you get to the office and you realise you aren’t ready to face other humans. They’re not great.



black and white

I don’t often bother with what others think. Not outwardly anyway. But recently I’ve been forced to listen to more than one third party view of something very personal to me and it’s been irksome. I know people just want to help, and they think that putting in their two cents means that they are, but you know what? Life’s not black and white. You can’t say “Blah… make it so. All fixed.” You know?


keep outSometimes I just wish I could put up a ‘KEEP OUT’ sign on myself. People can be so curious just for the hell of being curious, when it’s none of their business, and all they want to do is fish for information that they can then parlay into frivolous chatter at their next Friday evening work drinks session. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year, it’s that people gossip far too easily. I would much rather hear about you when I’m talking to you, not about someone else. It reminds me of a saying I heard once along the lines of humans are divided into three types: those who talk about others, those who talk about events, and those who talk about ideas. There’s far too much of the people talking about others in certain circles at my office and it makes me a bit nauseous, frankly.

It was the work Christmas party last night. I’m glad that’s over and done with.


Red. It makes me all manner of self-conscious. Hence the face shot. Why not feel the full force of the discomfort? Yeah. Red was for a celebration…

Tonight, a dinner to celebrate my cousin-in-law becoming an Australian citizen at a nice enough place in Paddington. As we were wrapping things up, a hum-dinger.

Male (as he threw an item of clothing at Female, and then proceeded to stomp down the stairs): “You’re a F###IN’ MOLE! SUCK MY D###!”

Female: “But Mick–!”

Male (coming back up the stairs to deliver the line): “Get away from me, B####!” (Erhm… None of us felt brave enough to point out at this juncture that he was the one who had come back… so shouldn’t he have been the one to heed the “get away” demand?)

I suppose you couldn’t really get more Aussie than that. Well, maybe you could. He could’ve thrown a meat pie instead of a jacket.

(And yes, in case you had noticed, I am indeed wearing the top.)


Some people appear in your life like rainbows.

In your otherwise dreary existence, they inject a bit of colour and interest, challenging the hum-drum.

And for whatever reason, their presence is always fleeting. But greatly enjoyed.