bw buildingIt hasn’t been a tempest of a week… besides the 8pm finish on Monday, things have actually been pretty Regular. Nothing out of the ordinary, no over-and-above the call of duty stuff.

But, I haven’t really been here. My brain, I mean, I think it was last seen Sunday night, headed West.

At the office, I’m feigning interest. Can I even be bothered to pretend today?



pink crush

If you can understand what things* felt like last night… Focus on the crushed, dying dark pink section in the middle of that bouquet, not the beautiful vibrant colourful blooms surrounding it.

* me, myself, I, life, the universe, everything


The antidote: Listen to Bloom by Gypsy & The Cat. It’s on now as I type. Argh! if only I’d remembered to do that then.