Gilbert (Court), I presume

Another glass-and-steel specimen from Melbourne. I think this one is called Gilbert Court. (Truthfully, I’m not 100% sure that it is – I’d be happy to be corrected by any Melbournians.)

This one must’ve been designed by one of those guys who only uses gridlined paper – for everything, even his shopping lists.

I could’ve sworn there was someone cleaning one of the windows – inside looking out – when I took the shot, but I can’t see her now. Camera-shy, maybe.


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This time last week, we were heading from Melbourne airport to the city and our route took us through Carlton, right by this strange and unusual structure. If I hadn’t been in a taxi at the time, I would surely have taken multiple shots of PIXEL. You should’ve seen me scrambling to activate the camera on the iPhone in the half-minute or so that was the period of time we were stopped at the lights. “Stay red, stay red!” the thought repeated itself in my head as I jabbed the tightly gripped device out the car window. One shot was all I got.

Some buildings really make you look twice, don’t they? It was like when I saw the Palace Electric the prior weekend…

I like it mainly because it’s so odd. I’ve never seen another like it. But it’s a little on the crazy side, which for archiporn purists might be just a little bit too much, ugly even. But if the objective was to turn heads, then I think Mission Accomplished.

It makes me think of pieces of paper, cut into random shapes… Kind of like crude confetti. What about you? Any strong feelings for or against?


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Having spent most of my life in cities without trams, I always find being in Melbourne such a novelty. The trams, and their accompanying network of overhead cables: I see them everywhere – kind of like the way a person who has just started wearing spectacles sees the frames around their eyes the entire time they’ve got their glasses on.

Sydney has a mode of transport that it calls the Light Rail which resembles the trams, but its network is nowhere as extensive or used as Melbourne’s offering. When I lived in Glebe I used it almost daily, and I did prefer it to the buses. I’ve only been on Melbourne’s trams a handful of times, and I couldn’t even tell you how much a ticket costs – we didn’t take the tram at all when we visited this time.

ride on

The streets seem very wide as a result of the tram lanes. I like that feeling of space it imparts.

outside flinders street station

flinders street station

Nor did we use the train either, but I do like Flinders Street Station (‘FSS‘). The station is a well-known, some would say iconic, feature of Melbourne, and for many, an instantly recognisable sight. She reminds me of a lady of a certain age who’s somewhat stuck in her ways, refusing to change her style for the modern looks of today. Especially when you see her standing somewhat grandly with the recently raised Rialto Tower behind her.

speeding along the Yarra

Melbourne’s Yarra River doesn’t seem to be used for much besides leisure transportation. I wonder why that is. Perhaps there’s not much call for it, what with all the public bikes available. Somehow, I don’t think they’re used as much as the ‘Boris bikes’ in London.

bicycles for Melbourne

Or maybe, Melbourne’s residents prefer the horse-and-carriage option. Especially since they appear to dress for the occasion!

horses like pink too

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And to YOU who may recently have followed this blog and/or liked a post or two. Thank you! It’s always nice to know that people are reading and, hopefully, enjoying… 


You’d be forgiven for thinking we stopped at MoVida for lunch, it is situated in Hosier Lane after all… But when you’ve only got a three-quarters of a weekend’s worth of meals and a list of places to try, you have to make some tough decisions. We already have a MoVida in Sydney and the reports I’ve heard have been mixed/lukewarm (“overpriced!”, “yeah, not bad,” for example, didn’t quite cut it for me) – it was quite easy for me to focus on a couple of other venues. Also, and here’s the real truth of the matter. As much as I love a good meal, I love bricks ‘n mortar more.

I couldn’t walk past this part of Melbourne (Hosier Lane and one or two of other lanes off Flinders Lane) without taking a few snappy snaps. They’re just so much fun! I would’ve taken a tonne more shots, but when your company barely tolerates your fixation for photographs, you take only a few and keep moving so as not to completely use up your credit for the weekend.

Hosier Lane graffiti

more graffiti

you've been framed


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room with a view

It’s Monday morning. It rained all through the night (and it’s still raining). I couldn’t even get out of bed when the alarm went off earlier which means I’ve forgone my early-morning gym session. Bad me.

I keep returning to photos from the weekend, including this one, which features a blue sky city view from our hotel room on Collins Street.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. The weekend is o-v-e-r. Suffice to say there aren’t enough reasons to want to leave the apartment today, but it’s time to get on with the day.


outside the NGV

{Photo by the Hub}

We arrived Melbourne on Saturday at lunchtime and departed in the mid-afternoon today (Sunday). It was not quite enough. But I got to see my friend, T., her missus and their two cute kids. That made the trip worthwhile.

As you can see from the photo above, it was sunny and bright in Melbourne – unlike Sydney, which received a dousing this weekend with something like a week’s worth of rain in a day.

I was standing outside the National Gallery of Victoria (‘NGV‘), waiting to see Monet’s Garden with T. and family. It was cold so I was wrapped in a scarf that could double as a blanket for a short person (i.e. yours truly). Seriously, I roll this up, take it with me on the plane, which means I don’t even need one of those thin blankets the flight attendants hand out to passengers who complain about the cold. I just unfurl this old scarf of mine and I’m set.

Yesterday, when I was trying to locate the driver I’d booked for the airport arrival pickup, he said, “I’m close by… What do you look like?” Of course I could’ve said the obvious, “Short. Asian.” But instead I said, “I’m wearing a scarf that’s almost as big as me.” And you know what he said when he pulled up to the kerb? “You’re right, that scarf is as big as you. Haha!”

I’ll post more Melbourne pics over the next few days…


Melbourne, soon

I spent the whole of the long weekend getting excited about my upcoming Melbourne weekend. Pulled out a few magazines, browsed online, tried to decide on which sights I wanted to see, and where I wanted to go. Mind you, there’s only so much a person can do over the space of a weekend.

But I’m sure we can visit my friend T., her wife and two kids… and fit in a few things around that, for instance: visit the National Gallery of Victoria (I’m thinking Monet’s Garden and the Dior and Yamamoto exhibitions); have a wander around the Queen Victoria Market; stop in at Brunetti for a coffee; have lunch at MoVida; wander around Federation Square; hop on the tram to… St. Kilda (?); stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens; go up to the Eureka Skydeck 88 (even though I’m afraid of heights and the Hub doesn’t want to go – we’ll see!); have dinner at Cumulus (no bookings though for small groups, so some patience will be required). Besides which, I’m certain I’ll be that annoying person stopping every five minutes to take photos of any and every thing… Oooh!

After all that, I realised this morning that it’s not this weekend but next weekend.


Mind you, if the weather’s hideous, we’ll be holed up in our hotel on Collins Street and watching endless movies. Nah, just kidding.

It’s been ages since I was last in Melbourne, five, maybe six, years. It’s been too long.


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