Tuesday evening's treats

A bit of escapism this Tuesday evening via the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Australia) and my earworm album of the week, Birds of Tokyo‘s March Fires. Track two, This Fire, especially (humour me, LISTEN to it!). Although clearly of the ‘now’, the song transports me to a certain time in my life when I was stuck in Perth for three months when I was supposed to be in London, and my friends used to drop by in the afternoon, with ice-cream sundaes from Macca’s, and we would ride around in J’s jeep, and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but somehow it didn’t matter.

Now I still don’t know what I want to do with my life and it does matter. I’ve been thinking about this lately because of a couple of developments at the office which has planted that pesky seed of wondering, “What if…?”

Do you ever feel that way?



bralette and BazaarTheoretically, I’m keen for the soft cup, no underwire, triangle bralette – this one is by Eberjey (of course I chose black). I’ve had this piece for a while, but I probably don’t wear it as much as I could. I certainly never wear it ‘out’, because I’m wedded to wire; I just don’t feel supported without it. But when I’m at home, no problem, I’m only too happy to go for the soft option. I would like to know if other women are comfortable wearing this style of undergarment for normal everyday wear. And do those who wear size M and L feel confident in the lace-only option? I’m an S, and I feel like there’s too much bounce and what-not. As I said, it’s not something I would wear to work, or even to the supermarket.

It’s been a day of mostly immersing myself in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Australia) – Happy 15th Birthday, Bazaar! I had a tough time choosing which one I liked most out of the 15 covers on offer. In the end, I went for the Hermes cover because I like classics and the colour orange. Also Estée Lauder lipgloss (sample size) and a tonne of silver jewellery, including open hoops, Somerset bangle, and a collection of rings from budget to a bit more, of which I piled on more than a dozen today.


I bought these spin pins in March but didn’t really get into using them until just recently. And they are simply genius. Instead of a bun full of bobby pins, all I need now is these two pins and my bun stays in place, all day. You simply twist the pins in and it’s literally like you’ve screwed your bun in place. Whoever invented the spin pin, you’re a legend.

I don’t know where to buy them in Sydney, though; mine were purchased from a shop in Forrest Chase, Perth. (I don’t even know if the shop is still there – one can never assume in this poor retail climate.) However, I see that they’re available via Amazon, which is handy. I need some spares.

And speaking of things not readily available here in Australia, what about the US edition of Harper’s Bazaar? Where the heck are they now? You almost never see them at the newsagents’ now. The June/July 2012 copy shown in the photo was bought at LAX. I don’t know what it is about American magazines but I’ve been a fan since I first discovered Seventeen magazine at the age of 13. Is it the paper? The dimensions, which are (closer to) letter size than A4? The content… the ads (!)? I’ve been reading magazines for years – obviously – and I just don’t get the same buzz from Australian magazines as I do from their American counterparts. I don’t know why that is. So, anyway, what’s the deal, Aussie newsagents? Is there an embargo on HB US?


A friend called just as I was hitting the home-straight, with something I’d picked up from the supermarket for dinner. “Do you want to meet for dinner?” she asked.

Besides the fact that I was almost home (Umm, a bit of notice would’ve been helpful?), I was simply in a reading mood: Vanity Fair article via Flipboard on the iPad; the (sydney) magazine; Monocle Mediterraneo*; and (gasp!) a tree book (which shall remain unnamed because it’s shrink-recommended ‘homework’).

So, the answer was no.


* Speaking of which, it got to 32C in Sydney today. It’s only Spring! No, I’m not complaining. I love it!


When exactly did I buy these Gorjana Bloom Stud earrings? Weeks ago, it feels like, and still I’m wearing them daily (well, Monday to Friday anyway). Simple, delicate, detailed yet not fussy. All I want is something easy for the day-to-day, to feel as though I’ve made an effort but not in a showy, shiny way. These fit the bill.

Oh, and the current issue of RUSSH magazine is pretty good.


My essential daytime eye cream is the DDF with its SPF 15. Whether or not I leave the house, this goes on every morning because the apartment can be a bit of a sun-trap at certain times of the day. I’m not complaining, I love it – the sunshine, I mean. (I need it.) But I love it more with the sun protection factor.

I never used to be bothered much about eye cream, only began using it a few years ago, but now it goes on religiously, daily. We all know that the best protection against ageing (eeks, wrinkles!) is SPF. So this eye cream is perfect.

If I had one gripe, however, and I must – to keep things interesting! – it would be that here, we pay AUD74.95 whereas purchased in Stateside it is USD52. My tube was purchased by a pilot friend when he was in Houston but I did see it on sale as well on Strawberrynet for AUD47 (I just checked the site again but the product isn’t available at this time).

In other news, I couldn’t decide whether to flip pages or ‘press play’ on the weekend…

From the top: Bill Cunningham New York (DVD) ; The Woody Allen Collection Volume III (Purple Rose of Cairo, Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters) (DVD – set of 3); The Fundamentals of Typography (Ambrose and Harris) (book); and Monocle June 2012 issue (magazine).


The universe decided that things would be orange today.

 I thought I would do the less to luxe thing via the 10 Bells Large Classic Shoulder Bag (a cheap and cheerful way to brighten things up), and the Hermes les Capucines scarf (which is a few years old, I don’t think it’s in the stores any longer)…

En route to the office, I stopped off at the newsagent and grabbed the ‘latest’ Monocle (June 2012 issue, which is not the latest if you live in the Northern hemisphere, but being in Australia, unless you choose to pay for the Air Express copy, this is the latest)…

Then when I got to the office, my Shopbop order arrived and the receipt was in the usual orange envelope…

By now I gave in to the orange, and pulled out my Rhodia pencil to scribble with for the rest of the day.