stripes, pleather and other

No doubt about it. There’s a distinct whiff of Spring in the air, despite the fact that it’s August i.e. we’re not quite there yet (officially speaking).

I’ve got no plans to be anywhere today -well, not presently anyway- but I thought that if I did, I’d be in this ensemble which includes the top and heels I bought recently from J. Crew in New York (annoyingly, the heels don’t seem to be on the website any longer?). The pleather shorts are a few years old from ZARA; admittedly, they don’t get outings as much as they’d like (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!).

Another find from New York was Sephora‘s Outrageous Volume Mascara. My only regret is that I only bought one of these. When will I learn to bulk-buy? I guess there’s always the online option. So, too, NARS Toléde which is provides the ‘your lips but better’ effect. (Question: why are we still paying so much more for these products in Australia? The lippy is AUD39.00, but USD26.00. Even after you’ve accounted for FX, it’s still stupid.)

Speaking of which, I mentioned the headphones in a previous post recently. These, too, I purchased in the US because they’re about $100 more here in Australia. Aussie retailers, you’re not making it easy for me (nor I expect for anyone else) to keep shopping locally.

Chanel No. 19 Poudre, still rocking my fragrance world as any good classic should; a bit of gold by way of a chunky necklace; my white Witchery purse (also no longer on the site); and a squeeze of L’oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil to tame the weekend wilds.


Reds in a row

Reds in a row, L to R: NARS Satin Afghan Red;  CHANEL Rouge Allure Lacque Coromandel #72NARS Semi Matte Shanghai Express; Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Red CarpetSmashbox Photo Finish Ravishing; NARS Semi Matte Fire Down BelowMaybelline Color Sensational Red Revival

I was doing so well. I had even allowed myself to think that I would be able to get through all this year without buying any more reds because, in my humble opinion, more than a couple is too many, and frankly, it’s been ages since I got to the bottom of a ‘stick.

Interestingly, I was chatting to a Singapore Airlines pilot-friend and he said, “All the females I know go through at least one lipstick a month.” Well, of course! All the females he knows are flight attendants probably and of course they use at least one a month. I, on the other hand, am rather less committed/regular in my application of lippy. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Especially the nude shades upon which I had been fixated for the last five to seven years. (NARS Dolce Vita, I’m looking at you!)

Pilots, flight attendants and nudes aside… Lately, I’ve been obsessed with finding The Perfect Red and so I’ve bought a few more and have been wearing a different one each day for the last week or so.

NARS Fire Down Below is the first product I ever purchased from the range way back in 1996 – it was from London’s Liberty (I spent many days off wandering around the Beauty department and have very fond memories of the place!) – and I loved the rubberised case with its wraparound stark white logo (I still love it)… to say nothing of the cheeky shade names, and the actual products themselves (wonderfully pigmented products).

I’m sorry, I’ve been rambling all over the reds. What I wanted to say was of all the ones shown above, NARS’ Shanghai Express is my favourite. It’s just the right shade of red, neither to bright nor too dark, and the matte finish makes it easy to wear. If the finish is too shiny or ‘slippy’, it can look a little trampy, if you know what I mean!


For the longest time, I used to be self-conscious about putting on lipstick in front of a mirror when in a public restroom. I used to wonder how other women could just slap it on, carefree and easy, in the presence of others. I’d put on my lippie while still in the cubicle, even when I didn’t always have a [hand] mirror – I guess it explains how I’m now quite good at staying ‘within the lines’ sans the aid of a reflective surface.

Taking photos is another such thing; photography in public makes me self-conscious, the way lipstick used to do. I’ve walked away many a time from something I’ve wanted to capture because someone else was there. (And then gone back later, hoping for a private minute or two. Sometimes succeeding, sometimes not.)

Like yesterday, when I found myself at Bond One, 20 Windmill Street in Sydney. I was drawn to the art on the wall outside as I tend to be of lots of indigenous art, and especially the black-and-white ones. As I took the shot, a man emerged through the glass door on the side – the after hours entrance – I hadn’t noticed him earlier. Ah, here it was again, the cloud of embarrassment descended, and I almost felt like apologising for being caught photographing a wall. He glanced at me. I began to walk away, pretending to look at something on my phone.

Which is the reason why I don’t know the title of the piece – didn’t check the wall for a plaque or information on the piece. But I do know it’s by Dorothy Napangardi because someone on Instagram told me so.


Red. It makes me all manner of self-conscious. Hence the face shot. Why not feel the full force of the discomfort? Yeah. Red was for a celebration…

Tonight, a dinner to celebrate my cousin-in-law becoming an Australian citizen at a nice enough place in Paddington. As we were wrapping things up, a hum-dinger.

Male (as he threw an item of clothing at Female, and then proceeded to stomp down the stairs): “You’re a F###IN’ MOLE! SUCK MY D###!”

Female: “But Mick–!”

Male (coming back up the stairs to deliver the line): “Get away from me, B####!” (Erhm… None of us felt brave enough to point out at this juncture that he was the one who had come back… so shouldn’t he have been the one to heed the “get away” demand?)

I suppose you couldn’t really get more Aussie than that. Well, maybe you could. He could’ve thrown a meat pie instead of a jacket.

(And yes, in case you had noticed, I am indeed wearing the top.)


Winter’s favourites this year:

NARS Cruising lipstick – I love this for day and night (I know, how boring am I?). It looks a lot more nude on, although it somehow appears more colour-saturated in the photo (which I didn’t photoshop, I might add);

La Roche Posay Anthelios 45 – even though it’s winter, I slap this on in the mornings and I am ready to face the sunshine through the clouds. It is likely I will still be using this stuff in the summer, unless I move up to 60;

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps – an oldie but a goody, it does what it’s supposed to do, doesn’t it?;

Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette – how is it possible to LOVE all the colours in one palette? It is, believe me;

Esteée Lauder Sumptuous mascara – I’m still trying to decide if this is better than Double Wear. Different brushes for different occasions, I guess.

And gloves. I can’t exist in the cold without gloves. I refer you now to the timeworn expression: cold hands, warm heart. So there.