Sunday ritual

This weekend has been the trifecta of sunny weather, an abundance of catch-ups with friends, and treasured rituals. Yes, indeed, I am feeling rather super-duper today.  I hope you’re feeling all manner of awesome, too, friend!



It’s wasn’t quite beach weather yesterday but it didn’t stop a lot of people.

I went for a quick stroll along the beach after lunch – while friends were still sitting at the table gas-bagging – and it was pretty cold. However, it was hard to be cranky about that, what with the sunshine and the blue sky.

I don’t need much in life. A fine sunny day is half the battle won as far as I’m concerned.

Guess I’m as simple as they come.


I spent five hours at the office yesterday. Instead of feeling like I had wasted my Saturday (and forgetting to have lunch), I felt awesome afterward. My inbox is now down to about 100 emails (from over 400). Rejoice! I feel in control again. It was actually awesome to be able to think and do in a quiet office without the usual racket of the open plan. I virtually skipped home feeling light as a feather.

And then the night. It was awesome-r still! Good music, good company, good food, good drink. I got home at about a quarter to 3am, and this morning: No Hangover. And I haven’t lost my voice from all the shout-singing.

Ah, this is what it is to be full of the joys of Spring!

(This post was brought to you by the word ‘awesome‘.)