Parcours d'H

Regular readers may remember the $500 bet earlier this year. The period of self-imposed abstinence is now long gone; it’s been about two months since I voluntarily got off the wagon – and pocketed the cash. However, it took me a while to decide what to spend my winnings on.

I could’ve purchased a bunch of things, but I wanted to acquire something classic, timeless, and which I knew I would keep for life. Something that would appeal to the me of now and the me of the future (hopefully, an old biddy of 77 years plus!)

Only one thing would fit the bill: something from Hermès.

I was gifted my first silk twill Hermès about 15 years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve got a few now, in various colours ranging from crimson to black, via orange, white, and pink. I’d been hankering after a yellow/gold number for a while. (I also have a pile of other more reasonably priced scarves which I wear just as often, if not more, than their more expensive counterparts – a few of them include these mentioned recently. Admittedly, I have only photographed a few.)

My new favourite, Parcour d’H, was purchased from the Broad Street store in New York, courtesy of the Bestie who holidayed there recently. He went to a number of stores because the four or five on my list were all out of stock – I think I’d hit the tail end of the season – but thankfully, he struck gold in the Financial District. (My list also included items in blue and green, which are lacking in my wardrobe, but this will do me for now.)

I know what you’re thinking: “Gee, scarves are old lady things aren’t they?” and probably, “Surely you could’ve spent $500* on something more/better than that!” What can I say? I am a not-so-secret old lady. Unlike me, this scarf will not age.

* It was actually USD410. In Australia, the scarves retail for AUD545.

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Giggle: I think I know when my love of scarves began… I’m seated at the far right.


Listening: Lady Luck by Jamie Woon



Green is seems to be my go-to colour these days. Actually, it’s been my go-to colour for a while, I think. (Hello, The Green Girl?)

While we’re on the subject of g0-to, Weleda’s Skin Food is one of mine as the weather begins to turn a little cooler.

Specs. ‘Cause I can’t wear contact lenses every day. Some people do though, right? How do they manage it?

Wooden comb. I think it was $1.80 from the supermarket in Chinatown.

Wallpaper* City Guide for Madrid. El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez, Cadiz, Seville, Granada, Barcelona, yes. Madrid – yet to visit. Keen to visit. It’s on my list. Besides their compact size, the Wallpaper* Guides appeal because of their ‘Architour’ sections. I am the nerd who loves buildings more than people, remember?

Noodler’s Ink Ahab fountain pen. This pen is my new favourite pen this week. I’m in love with it. Of course, I’m writing and doodling with it, using forest green ink. Lots. What? I find the mindless doodling relaxing… I did say ‘mindless’!

Jules Smith Talon Ring. Chunky and curvy. Like lots of lovely things are in this world. Apparently.

Earrings that remind me of Pac-Man. A game which I never had the pleasure of playing, but I can appreciate.

Cuff in silver. Still loving the cuff.

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in #51 Insouciance.


gold!I love the new Foals’ album ‘Holy Fire‘ (released today, people). Even more than the new gold shorts I was wearing on Saturday when I met someone famous who is indirectly connected to perhaps the most famous gold shorts, nay hotpants, that ever featured in a video clip ever ever EVER! She was very nice, by the way.

Hotpants aside, I’m now crushing on, loving, Officially Obsessed with this album – every track is gold – and if I hadn’t had to work today, I would’ve listened on repeat, in sequence, back to front, on shuffle, inside out (even though that’s not physically possible), all day already.

Nice one, Foals, awesome way to wade into the week.


Diane EDPDiane EDP by Diane von Fürstenberg. Patchouli, frangipani and violet: I love this combination so much.

You know that thing that Marilyn Monroe said about Chanel No. 5 and going to bed wearing nothing else? That was me last night, with Diane.


I’m not a Chanel No. 5 fan at all. I guess I’m just not sophisticated enough to like it, but I do love No. 19 very much.

To my uneducated nose, No. 19 Poudre‘s drydown is much warmer, less green than the No. 19 original. I feel a bit more serious when I spritz on the Poudre. I’d go so far as to say that if I had to pick a personality for Poudre, I’d say a she’s a girl who doesn’t do picnics very often. (She likes orchids, though.)


I know, two ‘smell’ posts in a row. I can’t seem to get enough at the moment.


The other day, a random and sudden yearning for something Old School led me to The Style Council.

An initial desire to hear Long Hot Summer saw me stumble upon Mick’s Company. Admittedly, my hitherto knowledge of The Style Council is somewhat limited to their greatest hits. The band formed in 1983, when I was still a kid living in Malaysia, where I doubt very much that I heard any TSC.

Not quite ‘long hot summer weather’ this week*, but it’s been just fine with Mick’s Company.


* The weather has been a bit bi-polar of late. Sweltering hot one day, cold and rainy the next. It even snowed in the Blue Mountains yesterday.


I feel like havin’ a drink tonight
Maybe somethin’ to smoke —
I feel like shakin’ my thang, yeah yeah.
It’s been a little crazy at work
Feelin’ a little choked,
And I want to get loose, yeah yeah.

I feel like seein’ my girls tonight
We’re gonna have some fun
I feel like shakin’ my thang, yeah yeah.
‘Cause my boss is bein’ a jerk,
I’m feelin’ a little stressed
And I want to get loose, yeah yeah.

~ Paarty  | We Won’t Stop (2002) | The Brand New Heavies


Perhaps less of the “somethin’ to smoke”, ’cause that’s not my thing. But if you could have seen me last night at the office, singing along to my iPhone while I was working… (Yeah, yeah.)

This song, I adore. It’s like the lyrics were written for me-this-week.

The first time I heard The Brand New Heavies, I was 19 or 20 – their music has been with me for a while.

I saw the band at London’s Brixton Academy, I think, more than a decade ago… and I’m seeing them tonight. Yeah, yeaah!


I make no apology for being a cliché… Lo! Another female flower fancier, and orchids, too – could she be more obvious?!

In my defence: a grandmother who was fairly obsessed by these wondrous creations of nature; watching her daily, dutifully, watering and tending to her collection.

I’m no gardener myself. But I love the orchids, too.

If nothing else, whenever I see these flowers I am transported back to my Malaysian childhood.


When exactly did I buy these Gorjana Bloom Stud earrings? Weeks ago, it feels like, and still I’m wearing them daily (well, Monday to Friday anyway). Simple, delicate, detailed yet not fussy. All I want is something easy for the day-to-day, to feel as though I’ve made an effort but not in a showy, shiny way. These fit the bill.

Oh, and the current issue of RUSSH magazine is pretty good.