looking out over Woolloomoloo

The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.

~ Marilyn Monroe


9 thoughts on “10.07.13

  1. Sheesh Marilyn… No pressure now! 😉 Hi JL… now that’s a place I spent a lot of time in – HMAS Kuttabul! Didn’t look that flash then though… 😉

    • LOL, Belongum!

      How’s this for random? i was reminded of you the other day, watching Californication. There’s a character called Sue Collini played by Kathleen Turner, and every time she exits the room she says, “Collini, OUT!” I was like, now where have I heard THAT before? 😉

      • Haha… I could imagine Kathleen Turner doing that really well! My apologies for lodging somewhere in your brainbox like that… most unfortunate! 🙂 Hey… what kind of ‘bran’ do you think the brainbox needs to flush out such things? What’s the ‘mental colonic’ required here hmmm? (I mean I can’t have you hanging around all traumatised by such a memory/word now can I? It just wouldn’t be responsible of me!) 😉

        • Dunno! But you presume that it bothered me. BTW, you said “Belongum, out!” first, well before this character ever appeared on Californication, I think. Impressive! 🙂

          • Yeah… something to put in my resume I think! 😉 That presumtion business just seems to get me in strife – sheesh! What can I say – I’m only a bloke! 🙂

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