Sunday ritual

This weekend has been the trifecta of sunny weather, an abundance of catch-ups with friends, and treasured rituals. Yes, indeed, I am feeling rather super-duper today.  I hope you’re feeling all manner of awesome, too, friend!


2 thoughts on “07.07.13

  1. Jade, would you mind telling me what is the camera that you use? Thinking of purchasing a good camera soon.

    Don’t you just love sunny winter days?

    • Wasn’t yesterday lovely, Mans? 🙂 Yes, so good.

      The camera is a Canon 400D. To be honest, I have The Most Fun taking photos with my iPhone 5. That said, I’m thinking of getting something smaller than the 400D soon. I’m getting tired of the weight/bulk. Are you thinking of any particular makes/models?

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