This time last week, we were heading from Melbourne airport to the city and our route took us through Carlton, right by this strange and unusual structure. If I hadn’t been in a taxi at the time, I would surely have taken multiple shots of PIXEL. You should’ve seen me scrambling to activate the camera on the iPhone in the half-minute or so that was the period of time we were stopped at the lights. “Stay red, stay red!” the thought repeated itself in my head as I jabbed the tightly gripped device out the car window. One shot was all I got.

Some buildings really make you look twice, don’t they? It was like when I saw the Palace Electric the prior weekend…

I like it mainly because it’s so odd. I’ve never seen another like it. But it’s a little on the crazy side, which for archiporn purists might be just a little bit too much, ugly even. But if the objective was to turn heads, then I think Mission Accomplished.

It makes me think of pieces of paper, cut into random shapes… Kind of like crude confetti. What about you? Any strong feelings for or against?


Listening: Heaven’s Got A Dress Code by The Chemist


6 thoughts on “29.06.13

  1. That is a stunning structure!

    Jade, I reckon someone should pay you to go around the world to admire buildings and structures, take photos of them, write your thoughts down and then print them out into a coffee table book! It would be a great coffee table book!
    I love the way you write about architecture, buildings and the surroundings that inspire you.

  2. Remembering my last visit to Australia and my time in Melbourne – loved the architecture and the restaurants – hopefully will visit again –
    PS love your eye for buildings

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