Having spent most of my life in cities without trams, I always find being in Melbourne such a novelty. The trams, and their accompanying network of overhead cables: I see them everywhere – kind of like the way a person who has just started wearing spectacles sees the frames around their eyes the entire time they’ve got their glasses on.

Sydney has a mode of transport that it calls the Light Rail which resembles the trams, but its network is nowhere as extensive or used as Melbourne’s offering. When I lived in Glebe I used it almost daily, and I did prefer it to the buses. I’ve only been on Melbourne’s trams a handful of times, and I couldn’t even tell you how much a ticket costs – we didn’t take the tram at all when we visited this time.

ride on

The streets seem very wide as a result of the tram lanes. I like that feeling of space it imparts.

outside flinders street station

flinders street station

Nor did we use the train either, but I do like Flinders Street Station (‘FSS‘). The station is a well-known, some would say iconic, feature of Melbourne, and for many, an instantly recognisable sight. She reminds me of a lady of a certain age who’s somewhat stuck in her ways, refusing to change her style for the modern looks of today. Especially when you see her standing somewhat grandly with the recently raised Rialto Tower behind her.

speeding along the Yarra

Melbourne’s Yarra River doesn’t seem to be used for much besides leisure transportation. I wonder why that is. Perhaps there’s not much call for it, what with all the public bikes available. Somehow, I don’t think they’re used as much as the ‘Boris bikes’ in London.

bicycles for Melbourne

Or maybe, Melbourne’s residents prefer the horse-and-carriage option. Especially since they appear to dress for the occasion!

horses like pink too

Listening: Obvious Bicycle by Vampire Weekend


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