outside the NGV

{Photo by the Hub}

We arrived Melbourne on Saturday at lunchtime and departed in the mid-afternoon today (Sunday). It was not quite enough. But I got to see my friend, T., her missus and their two cute kids. That made the trip worthwhile.

As you can see from the photo above, it was sunny and bright in Melbourne – unlike Sydney, which received a dousing this weekend with something like a week’s worth of rain in a day.

I was standing outside the National Gallery of Victoria (‘NGV‘), waiting to see Monet’s Garden with T. and family. It was cold so I was wrapped in a scarf that could double as a blanket for a short person (i.e. yours truly). Seriously, I roll this up, take it with me on the plane, which means I don’t even need one of those thin blankets the flight attendants hand out to passengers who complain about the cold. I just unfurl this old scarf of mine and I’m set.

Yesterday, when I was trying to locate the driver I’d booked for the airport arrival pickup, he said, “I’m close by… What do you look like?” Of course I could’ve said the obvious, “Short. Asian.” But instead I said, “I’m wearing a scarf that’s almost as big as me.” And you know what he said when he pulled up to the kerb? “You’re right, that scarf is as big as you. Haha!”

I’ll post more Melbourne pics over the next few days…


6 thoughts on “23.06.13

  1. Jade, I’m seriously loving the outfit! Love how the ‘hardness’ of your dark jacket and your boots is broken up by the casualness of the slouchy boyfriend jeans. 🙂

    And that background. Love it too!
    Don’t you just love Melbourne? Hoping to head there next month!

    Have a good week Jade!

    • Thanks Mans. Pleased you like it. I am a huge Melbourne fan. I really would’ve loved a few more days… if for nothing else, to take more photos of the place. 😉 You’ll need to wrap up next month – it’ll be deepest darkest winter and c-c-cold!

  2. so, i take it photography skills run in the family…great picture! oh and i’m with mans, your outfit rocks 😉

    • Heh, thanks quirkykitty. 🙂 Actually, the photo came about like this…

      Me: Could you take a photo of me please? [hands over iPhone]
      Hub: [starts to take the photo]
      Me: No. Could you go back a bit more please?
      Hub: Tsk. [shuffles back]
      Me: More.
      Hub: [shuffles some more]
      Me: More. OK. And could you get the curve of the arch please?
      Hub: Hmph!

      … Anyhoo… I did apply a filter via Flickr to bring out the shadows and the blue, as well as crop the shot to square. Quite pleased with the effect. Glad you like. (And yes, he did do a good job.)

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