Mocan & Green Grout

Ethical café and bike maker. Seems an unusual combination, doesn’t it? But it seems to work with Canberra’s Mocan & Green Grout. Admittedly, the only bike, or part thereof, I saw was the one on the wall beside me. We had breakfast here last Sunday morning before we headed back to Sydney. I like quirky places like these. Interesting walls, eh?

2013-06-20 bicydle

Although… I couldn’t help wondering about cleaning (and splinters)…

2013-06-20 cafe

When we arrived, the back part of the cafe was pretty much empty but by the time we left it had completely filled up. Our coffees were good, as were the bacon and egg rolls, so it was hardly surprising that the café seemed popular with the locals.

2013-06-20 coffees

I noticed the herb garden as we were leaving. Too bad our rolls hadn’t called for herbs. There’s just something about freshly picked herbs, isn’t  it? Reminded me of the old days, when the Bestie and I lived together. We had a neighbour who had rosemary growing outside her house. The number of times we used to ‘go for a walk’ and return with fresh rosemary… Ahh, now it just comes from a plastic packaged bunch of whatever from the supermarket. Maybe I should invest in a planter or two for the balcony…

Mocan & Green Grout

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