You’d be forgiven if you had expected the post following the previous one to be about lunch or something food-related…

I tried, but I couldn’t. I’m always distracted by a gorgeous building.


And while you’re at it, put away all your “Got wood?” jokes, please. (I succumbed at least twice in quick succession over the weekend. Yes, I am  truly that juvenile sometimes.)

wooden wonder

Seriously, though? The NewActon building was at the end of Edinburgh Avenue (which is where our boutique hotel was located) so it was inevitable that I would stumble upon it. From what I could see, it was a commercial and residential building, and home to Palace Cinema‘s Canberra theatre.

NewActon again

 Oddly, the other side of the building precinct was quite different. Besides being curvy and more of glass and steel, it was also unfinished…

Later on Saturday night, as we headed to our dinner venue, the taxi driver mentioned that the builder had gone bankrupt and it was unclear quite how or when the building would be finished. I’m not sure how true that was because I didn’t find anything much when I googled the next day, but it made for a semi-interesting anecdote of sorts nonetheless. (If anyone can confirm or deny the above, I’d love to hear from you!)

NewActon third time lucky

The Bestie deserved an award for letting me do the circle-and-snap on Saturday afternoon, and then again on Sunday morning before we left. I guess he knows me well enough to know that resistance was futile. Especially where something so distinctive was concerned. Even in its unfinished state, I say it still qualifies as ‘archiporn’. I hope it gets finished soon.


Listening: The Love Song by Marilyn Manson <∞>


5 thoughts on “19.06.13

  1. wow. did you go inside, by any chance –or would the bestie have killed you? i wonder what the views are like, if those wooden slats detract from it or make you feel at all claustrophobic…

    maybe they don’t need to finish it. think sagrada familia..?

    • No, we didn’t go in. Don’t think the Bestie would’ve resorted to violence, but I was conscious about pushing it. I have been wondering about what it’s like from the inside. I even visited the website yesterday and looked at apartments for rent. Not that I would ever contemplate moving to Canberra –!

      Sagrada Familia… yeaaah, like your thinking! 😉

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    • For those who don’t have to go to Canberra for anything, opinion seems to be divided. Some find it dull as the proverbial dish-water, others like the neat, tidy, compact capital that it is. I’m in the latter camp. Obviously, where other people would be searching for excitement, I am content to find it capturing buildings and scenery, not to mention hanging out in galleries. So it works for me. I could never live there, though. Much too cold for my lizard-seeking-sunshine constitution.

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