Just a quick one for this Monday morning. My Canberra weekend with the Bestie was excellent fun, quite cold and just what the doctor ordered. You know, it’s mid-year, we’re neither here nor there – too far past the beginning of the year and too far away from the end of the year for me to summon any excitement for anything. Besides the fact that it’s winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, my least favourite time of year. It was good to get away from the usual – even only for 24 hours. I sort of feel like a few cobwebs got swept away over the weekend.

lake burley griffin

Maybe it was the stroll by Lake Burley Griffin. Maybe it was the chill, fresh air. Maybe it was the walk across a small overhead bridge which had me squealing in fear all the way across. Twice. I’ve got a fear of walking over bridges. Especially the small ones, with railings through which you can see the road and the cars whizzing by below – in both directions (!). I walked across the small bridge with my hands over my eyes (face) – because I needed blinkers. It didn’t stop me from freaking out though. You may wonder where the Bestie was in all of this. He walked ahead of me laughing the entire time, only stopping once to take the photo.

fear of bridges

Happy Monday!