Melbourne, soon

I spent the whole of the long weekend getting excited about my upcoming Melbourne weekend. Pulled out a few magazines, browsed online, tried to decide on which sights I wanted to see, and where I wanted to go. Mind you, there’s only so much a person can do over the space of a weekend.

But I’m sure we can visit my friend T., her wife and two kids… and fit in a few things around that, for instance: visit the National Gallery of Victoria (I’m thinking Monet’s Garden and the Dior and Yamamoto exhibitions); have a wander around the Queen Victoria Market; stop in at Brunetti for a coffee; have lunch at MoVida; wander around Federation Square; hop on the tram to… St. Kilda (?); stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens; go up to the Eureka Skydeck 88 (even though I’m afraid of heights and the Hub doesn’t want to go – we’ll see!); have dinner at Cumulus (no bookings though for small groups, so some patience will be required). Besides which, I’m certain I’ll be that annoying person stopping every five minutes to take photos of any and every thing… Oooh!

After all that, I realised this morning that it’s not this weekend but next weekend.


Mind you, if the weather’s hideous, we’ll be holed up in our hotel on Collins Street and watching endless movies. Nah, just kidding.

It’s been ages since I was last in Melbourne, five, maybe six, years. It’s been too long.


Listening: Melbourne by The Whitlams


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