These Sonja sunglasses by Tom Ford are a relatively new acquisition. They are in the large round retro style towards which I seem always to gravitate. And before you fret about what appear to be scratches on the lenses – don’t! The lenses simply needed a good wipe-down after a day out.

I generally tend to stay away from designer sunglasses, in fact, for the longest time, my go-to shades were a £10 pair from Topshop. Because I was prone to scratching, dropping, sitting on, and generally busting up my sunnies. But  now that I’m a reformed party animal (who no longer wears her sunglasses at night), I think I can cope with something for more than a tenner.

By the way, I know it’s winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, but I’m going to wear these as much as I can on sunny days, of which yesterday was one.

It was good, yesterday. Hope yours was, too.


Listening: My God Is The Sun by Queens of the Stone Age


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