al desko lunch

Oh, for a sandwich! Or a wrap!

I’ve never been a massive bread eater, but there are days when I would quite enjoy a sandwich, I think… but “I can’t go for that (no can do)…” (Who was it who sang that?)

Bread makes my belly produce the rudest noises these days. (Not to mention the discomfort. Argh!) Best avoided at the office. I always thought my colleague who complained about her food intolerances was just being a princess, but look, here I am, too.

I bought my first gluten-free loaf this week. Anyone who tells you it tastes decent, and that it’s pretty much the same as regular bread is lying. It’s also my last gluten-free loaf. I can’t go for that (no can do)!

Oh, I remember now. Hall & Oates.


5 thoughts on “31.05.13

  1. well…some of it’s not too bad –or maybe you just get used to it..? that kind of intolerance is usually temporary, if it helps. stick with the sushi for a bit and you just never know! ^^

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