The Rubens

I had forgotten I had this bag – a 10 year old Gucci, in almost mint condition. It was a Christmas gift from a former boss. I used it for a bit, then for whatever reason, it ended up in its dust bag and in storage with the rest of the collection. I think it was just a smidgeon too small for daily use, and since 2005 or so I’ve only used a clutch for non-work time – the smaller the better.

Last night, in a desperate rush to get out of the house – I was running late – I grabbed the first thing my hand landed on, and it was this. It felt like bumping into someone I hadn’t seen for a while at a totally unexpected moment. I kept thinking, “How could I have forgotten about you?”

It was actually the perfect size for what I was taking along to The Rubens‘ show at The Enmore. I wanted something smallish, but not a clutch; best to keep hands free when going to see a band, I’ve found. All the better for taking photos, waving your hands in the air, holding your drink, holding your friends’ drinks, pushing people who get in your way. I didn’t do any taking, waving or pushing (thankfully) last night.

Now I find myself trying to work out if I can somehow make this rediscovered item work for me Monday to Friday. My iPad Mini fits – just! Why do I need to carry so much stuff anyway?

The Rubens were great, in case you were wondering.


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