al desko lunch

Oh, for a sandwich! Or a wrap!

I’ve never been a massive bread eater, but there are days when I would quite enjoy a sandwich, I think… but “I can’t go for that (no can do)…” (Who was it who sang that?)

Bread makes my belly produce the rudest noises these days. (Not to mention the discomfort. Argh!) Best avoided at the office. I always thought my colleague who complained about her food intolerances was just being a princess, but look, here I am, too.

I bought my first gluten-free loaf this week. Anyone who tells you it tastes decent, and that it’s pretty much the same as regular bread is lying. It’s also my last gluten-free loaf. I can’t go for that (no can do)!

Oh, I remember now. Hall & Oates.



Sydney Tower above the fog

Actually, I don’t think it’s all that surprising, the reason for my being so sky/cloud obsessed. I live in a 24th floor apartment, and I spend my Monday to Friday in a 31st floor office. My default view is the up-high.

We’ve had fog for a few days. Admittedly, not unusual for the time of year, but this week’s fog has been of the low and lingering variety, hanging around (pardon the pun) way beyond brunch.

The otherworldly effect has been pretty cool.

I realise I’m speaking as a person who has not been affected by travel delays (hello, cancelled ferries and delayed flights). It is a kind of luxury, I think.

Listening: Alive by Empire of the Sun


The Rubens

I had forgotten I had this bag – a 10 year old Gucci, in almost mint condition. It was a Christmas gift from a former boss. I used it for a bit, then for whatever reason, it ended up in its dust bag and in storage with the rest of the collection. I think it was just a smidgeon too small for daily use, and since 2005 or so I’ve only used a clutch for non-work time – the smaller the better.

Last night, in a desperate rush to get out of the house – I was running late – I grabbed the first thing my hand landed on, and it was this. It felt like bumping into someone I hadn’t seen for a while at a totally unexpected moment. I kept thinking, “How could I have forgotten about you?”

It was actually the perfect size for what I was taking along to The Rubens‘ show at The Enmore. I wanted something smallish, but not a clutch; best to keep hands free when going to see a band, I’ve found. All the better for taking photos, waving your hands in the air, holding your drink, holding your friends’ drinks, pushing people who get in your way. I didn’t do any taking, waving or pushing (thankfully) last night.

Now I find myself trying to work out if I can somehow make this rediscovered item work for me Monday to Friday. My iPad Mini fits – just! Why do I need to carry so much stuff anyway?

The Rubens were great, in case you were wondering.



The less I speak, the less I want to say.┬áThe less I want to hear of others. This week has been trying for the noise. I can only listen to my colleagues wittering on about recipes/what they had for dinner, what they’re wearing and reality TV (in no particular order) for so long.


This Head I Hold by Electric Guest


selfie with Canon

Last year, I was really into skinny jeans, but this year – a couple of months ago or so – I decided ENOUGH! I was tired of fighting my way into and out of the skinnies; remembering to put my socks on before the jeans (because have you ever tried rolling up skinny jeans to ensure your socks are completely and adequately over your ankles? It’s nigh on impossible!); seam indentations after I’d taken the jeans off. I could go on.

But I won’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I did (still do) like the skinny look (especially on model-ish body types with an alt rock style sensitivity). Because I’m not skinny, but somehow the skinny jeans did contribute a sort of a sense of being streamlined.

But I’m done now.

Boyfriend jeans are my denim of choice this year. So much more giving – and forgiving. I can actually wear these now and go out to dinner. And eat.

Plus rolling up my cuffs always makes me feel like I’m 15 years old again. Without the pimples and puppy fat and crippling insecurity.

Boyfriend jeans – for the WIN!