The other day, I found myself thinking that people probably stay together because it’s much easier than breaking up – especially after a long time.

But for those of us who are actually happy being part of a twosome, togetherness is the best feeling.


I worry about being the one who doesn’t die first.

I am much too negative for my own good sometimes.


Listening: You’re My Rescue by Van She


3 thoughts on “29.04.13

  1. In long term relationships the reasons why you stay together are often not the reasons why you got together in the first place. Relationships evolve as people change. The lucky partners evolve together into a lasting life partnership.

  2. Dear Jaded Lotus,

    I think what Michael has observed with long term relationships is quite accurate. Personally, I sometimes wonder what the initial attractions were with all my previous relationships, apart from the physical attraction of course, which was probably only just that, now that I think about it deeper.

    As for the fear of being not the one to die first, it may not be so much of negativity as opposed to selfishness perhaps. If I truly loved someone, I would want that person to die first so that she need not bear my suffering of being alone after she is gone. Of course, there is always the possibility I may find happiness and companionship with another partner and I presume that might be your reasoning for dying first in a loving relationship.

    Maybe the ideal scenario would be to die together hand in hand gazing at stars while laying in fields of gold. The worse scenario I can think of is being on the phone with your loved one whilst sitting in an aeroplane hijacked by terrorists who are about to pump the aircraft into the World Trade Centre. In that scenario, I would want to be the one to die first. I think even though the physical pain of that situation is instantaneous, the abject fear during the terrifying moments before is even worse than having to live a lifetime as the surviving partner of such a tragic event.

    • I agree with Michael wholeheartedly.

      I equate selfishness with negativity most of the time. Especially in this context. I am that, negative and selfish. No arguments there.

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