for two

Here’s what I love about Sundays. The Bestie and I meet somewhere and we walk. For hours. We catch up on each other’s news. We chat. We laugh. We plan. We promise. We stop somewhere for coffee, perhaps breakfast or brunch. We walk some more.

What’s more, today was like the sweet sister to yesterday’s grouch-who-woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed. Seriously.

clear blue

Listening: Buona Sera by Louis Prima


3 thoughts on “21.04.13

  1. I think I must have nodded off at some point, and missed the middle thing: didn’t you guys live in a house somewhere, that came complete with a cat..?
    I’m jealous of your view! And of a bestie living in the same country as you….

    • Yes – we sold up and moved a year ago – ha! (The cat stayed with the house.)

      And, even after a year I’m still overjoyed to wake to the view every day.

      I know how good it is to have my bestie close by. We spent years apart – either in different states or countries. I never take that for granted now. (Where’s your bestie?)

      • I can imagine!

        She’s in Nigeria. We were neighbours for one year, ages ago, and we’ve been playing tag ever since. We always seem to end up in the same countries –just not at the same time 😦 it’s true, you do take it for granted when you don’t know any better, don’t you..?

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