I thought I would post something in response to my older sister‘s recent blog post… (As I was handwriting my piece, I caught myself thinking, at certain points, “Ah, if I was typing this, I’d insert a link here…” – and having to slow myself down, to make my handwriting legible – it feels like such an effort sometimes; I’d much rather be typing!)


And, in case my handwriting is illegible…

Friday 12 April 2013 – 8:20pm

My sister @flexnib mentioned “handwriting” in a recent blog post. And she finished by saying she’d love to see her readers’ handwriting. I would’ve posted something sooner, but this week seems to have gotten away from me.

But not quite! Not quite.

Here we are, scribbling on a Friday evening whilst listening to ABC Jazz. I’m writing with a Kaweco Sport fountain pen with a broad nib; although somehow it doesn’t seem very broad – broad enough. Perhaps I’m about to exhaust my ink barrel. And it is at this juncture that I should apologise for the state of my scrawl. I finished work less than an hour ago, and I’m still not quite there – relaxed, I mean. It was a long-ish day.

I’m writing in a Rhodia notebook gifted by @flexnib. I don’t write in it very often but when I do I always enjoy the smoothness and weight of the paper. At the office I use a Moleskine, and sometime [a Uniball Gel Impact pen] *can you tell the difference? I’ve changed pens!* [Or a Pilot V pen] which is pretty much a disposable fountain pen – I quite enjoy this one. Or the Monteverde Invincia. And sometimes, I just scribble with a pencil because I feel like I need to be reminded to:


 Pens mentioned: Kaweco Classic Sport in chess black | Uniball Gel Impact | Pilot V | Monteverde Invincia Colour Fusion in white


3 thoughts on “12.04.13

  1. You know, I can’t even think anymore while writing by hand. My notebook is for jotting down ideas, but if I want actual sentences, I need a keyboard…shocking!

    I love your handwriting, very elegant. If it existed as a font, I’d use it 😉

      • i should really say moleskine now, shouldn’t i? 😉 i do use them from time to time…but, generally, whatever takes my fancy really. i try to buy one that will look appetising enough for me to write in. as for pens, it’s muji gel ball pen all the way.

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