... from another perspective

When I was younger I used to be contrarian just for the hell of it. Falling in love with girls because society said it wasn’t the ‘norm’ (in those days). Downing Frangelico in the morning with my best friend before he went to bed after the night shift and heading to uni. Not believing in marriage or having children.

Then I went through a phase of doing everything everyone else was doing because it was what they were all doing, without much thought as to whether it was what I wanted. (Best not to elaborate here.) It was simply easier to go with the flow. I am married, although I hold fast to the notion of not being the breeding kind.

… Now I find myself wanting to do some things differently because they actually feel right for me, right here and now.

It’s like someone has flipped the page upside down, and it doesn’t look strange at all. I’d like to see if I can work with this for a while longer.


Listening: Bombay Bicycle Club ~ What You Want


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