The other day, I found myself thinking that people probably stay together because it’s much easier than breaking up – especially after a long time.

But for those of us who are actually happy being part of a twosome, togetherness is the best feeling.


I worry about being the one who doesn’t die first.

I am much too negative for my own good sometimes.


Listening: You’re My Rescue by Van She


Sydney from 'The Coathanger'

On a day like today, it’s impossible to sit indoors.

I was out of the house before 07:30 this morning, and strolling across ‘The Coathanger’ with the Bestie a short time later. Evidently, many others felt the same  – there were lots of runners and walkers (and dogs) out on the Bridge… although I didn’t take any photos of them; I always choose scenery over humans, as we know.

good morning, Sydney!

The (Instagram-processed) photo above was taken from Milsons Point, on Sydney’s lower north shore. It’s also where Luna Park is located.

put on your happy face, Luna!

Amusement parks are strange places, aren’t they? I don’t find them amusing so much as odd. The crazy lady who greets arrivals to Luna Park is proof enough, in my humble opinion. Sometimes, she looks like she’s been electrocuted mid-smile. And other times, she looks like she’s freaking out because a bat has landed on her head. That aside, the rides are fun for about six minutes, and then I’m ready to leave – so much for the notion of ‘amusement’.

We wandered around for a bit, and walked back to the city, had breakfast, then decided afterwards to take ourselves to Centennial Park for a picnic as the day was just too amazing. (It still is! I think it might be about 29C (!) as I type this at just after 17:00. Did someone say ‘Indian Summer’?)



Green is seems to be my go-to colour these days. Actually, it’s been my go-to colour for a while, I think. (Hello, The Green Girl?)

While we’re on the subject of g0-to, Weleda’s Skin Food is one of mine as the weather begins to turn a little cooler.

Specs. ‘Cause I can’t wear contact lenses every day. Some people do though, right? How do they manage it?

Wooden comb. I think it was $1.80 from the supermarket in Chinatown.

Wallpaper* City Guide for Madrid. El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez, Cadiz, Seville, Granada, Barcelona, yes. Madrid – yet to visit. Keen to visit. It’s on my list. Besides their compact size, the Wallpaper* Guides appeal because of their ‘Architour’ sections. I am the nerd who loves buildings more than people, remember?

Noodler’s Ink Ahab fountain pen. This pen is my new favourite pen this week. I’m in love with it. Of course, I’m writing and doodling with it, using forest green ink. Lots. What? I find the mindless doodling relaxing… I did say ‘mindless’!

Jules Smith Talon Ring. Chunky and curvy. Like lots of lovely things are in this world. Apparently.

Earrings that remind me of Pac-Man. A game which I never had the pleasure of playing, but I can appreciate.

Cuff in silver. Still loving the cuff.

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in #51 Insouciance.


nectar for the follicles

Because it’s not possible to leave the house every day with a hat on one’s head… not even one’s other half’s Panama – which I have been known to swipe from time to time.

My hair was a tangle of coir until my awesome hairdresser suggested Kérastase’s Nectar Thermique. It was almost impossible to run a comb or brush through it. I was this close to dreds. And giving up. (Translation: cutting it all off.)

No more. It’s genius, game changer. It’s head (hah!) and shoulders above all the other conditioners, serums and oils. Leave-in, blow dry and go. Soft, yes, manageable, uh-huh! Worth the AUD45 or whatever the RRP is. I’m a Kérastase convert.


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for two

Here’s what I love about Sundays. The Bestie and I meet somewhere and we walk. For hours. We catch up on each other’s news. We chat. We laugh. We plan. We promise. We stop somewhere for coffee, perhaps breakfast or brunch. We walk some more.

What’s more, today was like the sweet sister to yesterday’s grouch-who-woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed. Seriously.

clear blue

Listening: Buona Sera by Louis Prima


damp start to the day

It’s been just over an hour since I took this photo, and it’s turned to ‘white-out’. I can’t see anything – the buildings nor even the horizon – from where I’m sitting right now.

All night, I heard the wind howling around the sides of the apartment building, and things rattling. I woke several times feeling the cold, but I hate socks; I’m not going to put them on until I absolutely have to…

Life is like this: you’re either the person who always feels the cold, or the person who tends to feel warm more than is comfortable. You either like dogs or cats, one animal more than the other. You like summer holidays or winter ones. Your go-to drink is either beer or wine. Oysters or I-couldn’t-swallow-that-not-even-if-you-paid-me. Babies or no-thank-you. Dresses or trousers, always (I mean this in a girl sense, but, hey, if you’re a fella who fancies frocks, who am I to say?). Sleep-ins or never, not even Sundays. Slow [down] or fast, everything. Happy endings or hey-shit-happens.

I’m rambling now. I’m the person who always feels the cold. All the rest, feel free to guess.



It depends on your perspective, I guess. Do you see the blue sky beyond the criss-cross of steel and glass, or do you see a cage? Or do you see walls and windows and wonder what goes on behind them? Or whether people can see you?

I’m feeling this tonight: Retrograde by James Blake


Gone Girl

 I kinda lost a couple of days there. Totally unintended, of course, but I was gone, girl! I know I’m a bit late to the party, Gillian Flynn’s book Gone Girl has been out for some time. But I wasn’t doing much reading last year. Anyway.

If you want something easy to read, but at the same time hooks you in with its twists and turns, this is it. And talk about screwed up human beings. Fictional, of course, I know, but still–!

I finished it last night – well past my bedtime by the time I clicked the iPad shut – but I think the sleep deprivation was worth it.

If it hadn’t been for the pesky little thing of having to go to work, I would’ve gotten to the end sooner, I’m sure. (I was a little disappointed by the ending. Anyone else feel the same?)


Theatre of the Horse

I will fully admit to being ignorant about horses and horse racing, but it’s always exciting to spend a day at the races. It was Derby Day yesterday, first day of Sydney’s Autumn Racing Carnival. It was also the first day of the newly renovated Royal Randwick – and the buzz of excitement was palpable on arrival.

The photo above shows the Theatre of the Horse, also a feature of the A$150M redevelopment. And as you can see, we were extremely fortunate with the weather.

The view from our table

We had a superb view of the racetrack as well as touch screens at our table. It was hard not to get caught up in the atmosphere. I had a few small, for-fun-only, bets while we waited for everyone to arrive. It was about 3pm by the time we finally sat down to lunch. As we were being hosted by a famous wine and spirit brand, there was a lot of Champagne throughout the day. (Yes, I’ve broken the seal.)

Waiting for Race 9 ... and Black Caviar

Race 9 was the most eagerly awaited of the day. Champion horse Black Caviar was hotly tipped to win her 25th race in a row, and as you can imagine, the punters, racing enthusiasts and corporate-invitees-who-know-little-to-nothing-about-the-sport (i.e. me) were all keen to watch the history-making race.

Black Caviar wins!

Of course, the lady didn’t disappoint, winning by a clear margin.


I thought I would post something in response to my older sister‘s recent blog post… (As I was handwriting my piece, I caught myself thinking, at certain points, “Ah, if I was typing this, I’d insert a link here…” – and having to slow myself down, to make my handwriting legible – it feels like such an effort sometimes; I’d much rather be typing!)


And, in case my handwriting is illegible…

Friday 12 April 2013 – 8:20pm

My sister @flexnib mentioned “handwriting” in a recent blog post. And she finished by saying she’d love to see her readers’ handwriting. I would’ve posted something sooner, but this week seems to have gotten away from me.

But not quite! Not quite.

Here we are, scribbling on a Friday evening whilst listening to ABC Jazz. I’m writing with a Kaweco Sport fountain pen with a broad nib; although somehow it doesn’t seem very broad – broad enough. Perhaps I’m about to exhaust my ink barrel. And it is at this juncture that I should apologise for the state of my scrawl. I finished work less than an hour ago, and I’m still not quite there – relaxed, I mean. It was a long-ish day.

I’m writing in a Rhodia notebook gifted by @flexnib. I don’t write in it very often but when I do I always enjoy the smoothness and weight of the paper. At the office I use a Moleskine, and sometime [a Uniball Gel Impact pen] *can you tell the difference? I’ve changed pens!* [Or a Pilot V pen] which is pretty much a disposable fountain pen – I quite enjoy this one. Or the Monteverde Invincia. And sometimes, I just scribble with a pencil because I feel like I need to be reminded to:


 Pens mentioned: Kaweco Classic Sport in chess black | Uniball Gel Impact | Pilot V | Monteverde Invincia Colour Fusion in white


Tuesday things

Seemed apt really, to combine the latest issue of my monthly must-read, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, with its dark background cover, and the noir drama series DVD, The Shadow Line, for this photo.

Our clocks went back on Sunday, so I’m now waking in the dark and getting home in the dark.

(I’m nibbling on a square of chocolate -dark- as I write…)

I do like the red highlights.

But overall, feeling dark.


Listening: You & I by Local Natives



I like the city when it’s empty. On a Saturday morning when there’s hardly anyone around. All the places that I frequent, Monday to Friday, silenced by Saturday. I’m dressed, I wander. I look up, I hope it won’t rain. I walk. I ponder. I try not to walk in a square around my office building. It’s habit. A couple of hours later, I stop. I’m ready to face other humans. (…Oh, wait. that’s my reflection.)

Those days when you get to the office and you realise you aren’t ready to face other humans. They’re not great.


Still fixating on elsewhere

I don’t want to find somewhere new so much as be elsewhere. I’d be quite happy to be in a familiar place.

That said, perhaps what I really want is Quality Sleep for more than six hours a night. Why is it so difficult to achieve recently?

I think I’d be quite able to see things in a different light.

Thoughts on places, and by that, I mean life’s journey itself, percolating in my head. We don’t always take the straightest route, do we? And when do we know when to stop moving, that we’ve arrived at our destination? When it’s OK to stop… sit… enjoy… snooze.

Listening: Elvis by The Rubens


fifty shades of grey?

For a short week, it’s been extremely trying – it’s felt extremely long. Being M.I.A. was totally  unplanned, of course. I wish I could say that life got in the way, but alas, it was the usual. My boss thinks I am a workaholic. He’s mistaken me for someone else, but at the time he said it I was so shocked, all I managed was a snort when what I should’ve done was correct him on the spot. Now I keep waiting for the opportunity to prove that I’m not.

The literal ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ weather of the last day or so has left me with a serious feeling of wanderlust. I want to go somewhere that is on the brink of summer, or at least flirting with it semi-seriously… or at a minimum, somewhere that holds on to summer for a bit longer than Sydney.

anywhere but here

Listening: Heroes by David Bowie


... from another perspective

When I was younger I used to be contrarian just for the hell of it. Falling in love with girls because society said it wasn’t the ‘norm’ (in those days). Downing Frangelico in the morning with my best friend before he went to bed after the night shift and heading to uni. Not believing in marriage or having children.

Then I went through a phase of doing everything everyone else was doing because it was what they were all doing, without much thought as to whether it was what I wanted. (Best not to elaborate here.) It was simply easier to go with the flow. I am married, although I hold fast to the notion of not being the breeding kind.

… Now I find myself wanting to do some things differently because they actually feel right for me, right here and now.

It’s like someone has flipped the page upside down, and it doesn’t look strange at all. I’d like to see if I can work with this for a while longer.


Listening: Bombay Bicycle Club ~ What You Want