The other day, I found myself thinking that people probably stay together because it’s much easier than breaking up – especially after a long time.

But for those of us who are actually happy being part of a twosome, togetherness is the best feeling.


I worry about being the one who doesn’t die first.

I am much too negative for my own good sometimes.


Listening: You’re My Rescue by Van She



Sydney from 'The Coathanger'

On a day like today, it’s impossible to sit indoors.

I was out of the house before 07:30 this morning, and strolling across ‘The Coathanger’ with the Bestie a short time later. Evidently, many others felt the same  – there were lots of runners and walkers (and dogs) out on the Bridge… although I didn’t take any photos of them; I always choose scenery over humans, as we know.

good morning, Sydney!

The (Instagram-processed) photo above was taken from Milsons Point, on Sydney’s lower north shore. It’s also where Luna Park is located.

put on your happy face, Luna!

Amusement parks are strange places, aren’t they? I don’t find them amusing so much as odd. The crazy lady who greets arrivals to Luna Park is proof enough, in my humble opinion. Sometimes, she looks like she’s been electrocuted mid-smile. And other times, she looks like she’s freaking out because a bat has landed on her head. That aside, the rides are fun for about six minutes, and then I’m ready to leave – so much for the notion of ‘amusement’.

We wandered around for a bit, and walked back to the city, had breakfast, then decided afterwards to take ourselves to Centennial Park for a picnic as the day was just too amazing. (It still is! I think it might be about 29C (!) as I type this at just after 17:00. Did someone say ‘Indian Summer’?)



Green is seems to be my go-to colour these days. Actually, it’s been my go-to colour for a while, I think. (Hello, The Green Girl?)

While we’re on the subject of g0-to, Weleda’s Skin Food is one of mine as the weather begins to turn a little cooler.

Specs. ‘Cause I can’t wear contact lenses every day. Some people do though, right? How do they manage it?

Wooden comb. I think it was $1.80 from the supermarket in Chinatown.

Wallpaper* City Guide for Madrid. El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez, Cadiz, Seville, Granada, Barcelona, yes. Madrid – yet to visit. Keen to visit. It’s on my list. Besides their compact size, the Wallpaper* Guides appeal because of their ‘Architour’ sections. I am the nerd who loves buildings more than people, remember?

Noodler’s Ink Ahab fountain pen. This pen is my new favourite pen this week. I’m in love with it. Of course, I’m writing and doodling with it, using forest green ink. Lots. What? I find the mindless doodling relaxing… I did say ‘mindless’!

Jules Smith Talon Ring. Chunky and curvy. Like lots of lovely things are in this world. Apparently.

Earrings that remind me of Pac-Man. A game which I never had the pleasure of playing, but I can appreciate.

Cuff in silver. Still loving the cuff.

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in #51 Insouciance.


nectar for the follicles

Because it’s not possible to leave the house every day with a hat on one’s head… not even one’s other half’s Panama – which I have been known to swipe from time to time.

My hair was a tangle of coir until my awesome hairdresser suggested Kérastase’s Nectar Thermique. It was almost impossible to run a comb or brush through it. I was this close to dreds. And giving up. (Translation: cutting it all off.)

No more. It’s genius, game changer. It’s head (hah!) and shoulders above all the other conditioners, serums and oils. Leave-in, blow dry and go. Soft, yes, manageable, uh-huh! Worth the AUD45 or whatever the RRP is. I’m a Kérastase convert.


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