success in midnight blue bottle

Bad bedtime habit: trying to read even though you’re so tired you end up dropping hardware on your face. For this reason alone, I think the iPad Mini is well worth the purchase. It makes less of a thud, and doesn’t hurt as much as a full size iPad.

Good bedtime habit: serum. Lately, it’s been Elizabeth Arden‘s Overnight Success Skin Renewal Serum. But don’t look for it on the website – it’s been discontinued! I’m contemplating stockpiling this stuff from  Cosmo Cosmetics which is where I purchased my 30ml bottle from.


Listening to: The Stars ~ The Loose Ends Will Make Knots.


3 thoughts on “29.03.13

  1. You should! I’m still regretting an YSL serum that went off the market a couple of years ago…

    Put your iPad on your pillow and lie down on your stomach? That way, you can shove it out of the way before your head hits the pillow –and crushes it…;)

    • I’ve never used YSL skincare products. Worth the $?

      That solution to the iPad/reading in bed issue is a good one, but I just can’t read on my stomach at bedtime. It’s something best done in sleep-ready position… zzzzzz… THUD!

      • Hah, gotcha.

        I bought that serum as well as a day cream (can’t remember the name, but it was of the early signs variety) on sale one time, and was happily surprised. I never stay loyal to a brand though, regular change seems to work best for my skin. But I’d say yes, worth a try.

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