the (sydney) magazine + cuffs

Latest love: cuffs. Not bracelets. Nor bangles. Double or nothing.

While it’s still balmy enough for me not to seek out long sleeves for the evening.

The only issue: I’ve yet to find a well-sized snug (i.e. not to gape-y) cuff. These ones sit mid-arm whereas I’d love them to rest just-so upon the wrists.

twice cuffed

The April ‘fashion’ issue of the (sydney) magazine was out yesterday with a feature on the new breed of Australian model. Diversity at last? I remember my high school days in Perth when I could just about count the Asian kids in my year on one hand and how I wished at times that I was one of the blond-haired, blue-eyed surfie chicks who seemed to rule the school. Those days are gone. However, fashion has always been slow to reflect this. Only very recently have we begun to see more Asian or non-Caucasian faces in the popular media.

Whatever, the cover is beautiful; the cuffs certainly think so.


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