festive lanterns

I really wanted to post something about an hour ago, but various factors conspired against me – I.T. issues mainly, first work-related, now seemingly WordPress website-related (I’ve had to resort to using the iPad app) – that I’m now over it.

Even these bright festive lanterns I snapped in Chinatown earlier can’t shake my black mood. (I’m really annoyed with the work I.T. issue, frankly. I was seriously considering heading back to the office an hour ago, it was about 20:15, but I realised how ridiculous that was. But it means I can’t deliver something until the morning, and I know I’ll get grief about it. So I suppose now is the appropriate time to remind myself that in years to come, when I’m on my deathbed, I won’t be fretting about how I should’ve got myself bent out of shape about work stuff over which I had no control. Right?!)



2 thoughts on “21.03.13

  1. Why the festive lanterns? Chinese New year’s past, and with it Chinese spring…
    Though this is off-topic. So to answer your question: right! 😉

    • You know what it’s like. Everyone’s all excited to get the ‘decs up – be it Christmas or Lunar NY – but no one can be bothered to pack them away until weeks/months later!


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