morning ritual

On the days that I don’t start the morning in the gym, I feel ponderous and listless. I would even go so far as to say that I feel depressed and I pretty much hate the what stares back at me in the mirror. Which means that’s every second day because so far I’ve mainly been doing the one day on, one day non in terms of gym attendance.

Yesterday was a ‘non’ day and as I was leaving the office, I rang the Hub who he said he was going out for a run because he’d managed to finish his meetings at a decent time – the sun hadn’t even set yet. I didn’t want to be the one to have to volunteer to get the groceries/something for dinner (because our fridge was pretty bare), so I said that I also wanted to go for a run… even though I hadn’t even contemplated the notion a second ago, and really, honestly, it wasn’t what I felt like doing at all. What I wanted to do was head home as quickly as possible to peruse the latest issues of Vogue Australia and Monocle I’d purchased a few hours ago. (And post something on the blog… but you knew that anyway.)

And what’s more, I’m not a huge fan of outdoor running. I’d much rather pound out my k’s on the treadmill. It’s easier to zone out that way – just plug in the headphones and go. I don’t have to worry about uneven surfaces, twisting ankles, which direction I’m going in, rain, wind, people, cyclists, dogs, etc. (I especially dislike running in the dark which means it’s the gym by default as it means I can run at 6am with no dramas). But I did it, and it was as unpleasant and unsatisfying as I remembered^. Nor could I go for as long/far as I can on the treadmill. It was really sad and discouraging. And I still hate running past or near other people. My misanthropic tendencies seem even stronger when I’ve got my running shoes on.

So… I think I should do it more often because clearly I need to improve and shake myself out of my comfort zone. Weekend outdoor running, here we come!

Remind me I said this!


^ Slight exaggeration, it wasn’t that long since my previous outdoor run. I did the outdoor thing during my week in Perth earlier this year. And it was actually OK, because it was in the park.


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