ahh, ankles

“It’s a 15-minute wait,” she said, apologetically. “We are busy tonight.”

Because I normally hate waiting for anything, my first thought was, “I knew I should’ve called ahead.” But because a wait for two takeaway bento boxes meant that I had an excuse to do nothing but bask in the aural bliss of Two Door Cinema Club‘s What You Know, I didn’t mind at all. I’ve been in the sort of mood -all day- that I could listen to TDCC on repeat for hours.

I’m In Love with this band. I listen to This Is The Life and wish I had been at Brixton Academy that night, right down the front. Listen, and tell me the jangly guitar and the bit in the middle (that drumbeat in particular) doesn’t remind you of another famous band from that country. Perhaps it’s only a vague likeness, but it’s there.

(The sashimi bento hit the spot, by the way.)


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