down an alley

What does it say about me, the fact that I like taking photos of quiet alleys and garbage bins? In the daytime, not the nighttime. I’m sure there’s something in that.

My day took me from home to my cousin-in-law’s to our restaurant to the NSW Wine Festival and back to the restaurant again. Eighty-one photos in total, and this is the one I choose to represent my Sunday.

As I said, what does it say?


5 thoughts on “24.02.13

  1. I love old city lane ways and back streets. They represent the city without the facade, without the glitz. They represent the true city. The city that lies beneath all the rapid change and building. The city that is mundane and ordinary but still beautiful in its age. They give a glimpse into the city as an ageing place rather than a flashy modern location.

  2. i was going to say something similar: that you’re a realist? you see the behind the scenes, without the glam and gloss..? (i’m also saying this because i have a few of these pictures in my own collection –not as good as yours though!)

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