beautiful INDAH products

I seem to have jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon. Not shown in this photo is the extra virgin coconut oil I bought for consumption. But I have been consuming small amounts of it this week – a half teaspoonful of the stuff in my tea, of all things. It’s quite odd to be adding oil to tea. I haven’t cooked any meals at home this week, but if I had done so I would’ve substituted the coconut oil for the usual sunflower oil or whatever it is that’s currently in the kitchen.

EVCO aside, I couldn’t go past the body butter (patchouli! sandalwood!) nor the perfume balm (jasmine!). I am really enjoying these so far, I must say!

The irony hasn’t escaped me, though. As a child growing up in Malaysia, my grandmother used to make DIY coconut oil and we used to put it in our hair for unbeatably soft, smooth and shiny hair. I remember being teased at school for being a hick with coconut-oiled hair, but what the heck! Everyone wants the natural stuff these days. We’ve come full circle, back to our coconut tree and its strange fruit  (and oil).


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