Repetto love

Sure I’m no dancer, but I’m a Repetto fan. This pair is the ‘Bolchoi‘ in black calfskin. I love the shape and the pleat detail at the front of the shoe, the suede toe-cap, but most of all, the way Repetto fits just so, hugging the foot for snug and comfortable wear.

This is my fourth pair since 2007, or maybe 2008, it wasn’t that long ago, but I forget. That aside, what I mean is, alhough I always consider other makers of ballet flats when it comes time for a new pair, these days I seem to end up going back to Repetto. My first pair was from David Jones Sydney, second and third pairs from Harvey Nichols Leeds, and this pair, Selfridges London. I hope the next pair I purchase will be from 22 rue de la Paix, the home of Repetto itself! Surely I’m (over)due for another visit to the City of Light.

In case you were wondering what brought on this post, it’s because I’m coming to terms with the end of summer this week, which means the shoes are gradually, finally, replacing the sandals and Havaianas. I’m gutted about summer’s sticky slow demise, of course – I am every year! – but I’m trying to think positively about the coming months. Running/exercise will be less taxing in the reduced heat, and there’s something to be said for the fashions in the colder months.


4 thoughts on “21.02.13

  1. Have you tried the Bloch ballet flats (from David Jones)? I’m no dancer either, but their flats are amazing! I bought two pairs at C21 in New York and they’re fantastic, they have a sort of rubber/plastic heel which makes them way more durable than any I’ve tried with all leather soles.

    • No, haven’t tried Bloch. I think they have a store here in Sydney (?). I’ll check them out… but it doesn’t change the fact that I want another trip to France. 😉 Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I have these in bronze. have I got my money’s worth out of them! been a fan of the plain black ones for ages, but I really love the Pointe look of these…
    rock that Autumn look, Jaded!

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