Some days that I wish I could either shave off all my hair or just let it be.

The second option would require more than a mere day. I’d need go away for six months, or even a year, to a desert island, preferably – to just let the follicles find their level (whatever that means). No more five to six weekly hair appointments. I just want to be. Unruly. Unkempt. Uncoiffed. I’d probably be unemployed too because without regular hair maintenance I’d probably look unemployable, too. (Hello, escapee from the loony bin?)

So I guess I should really seriously consider the first option. Jeebus.

Friday has been brought to you by BHD*.


*BHD = Bad Hair Day


7 thoughts on “15.02.13

  1. Haha i’m exactly the same, just wishing you can shave it all off but nobody make snidey remarks and just leave it be… ❤
    -Emilyluv xxxxx

  2. So if THAT hair is unruly hair, then what would your perfect hair day would be like?!!!
    You crazy.

    Swap? 😉

  3. oh, i relate! i went to the hairdresser’s the other day and actually got sent away. come back in six months, i believe his exact words were…

    so my answer is a hat. or in your case, dear OL san, those twisty curly pins…

    • I’ve never been sent away! You win. 😉 Seriously. At the moment, I feel as though I need to trim every three weeks – by the time I get to five, I’ve been hating my hair for two weeks; as for waiting until six weeks, that just seems impossible. It’s way too much maintenance for me – and I’m sure for any normal person.

  4. Dear Jaded Lotus,

    You are truly a beautiful woman although that tight grip on the hair indicates to me there might be a feisty streak beneath that beauty … kinda like handcuffing a forbidden lover to the bedposts perhaps?

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