sshhh!I go for weeks without dreaming, or at least, remembering my dreams… but this week-! A couple of nights ago, my dream featured two partners from my office, one of whom wanted to borrow the other’s (silvery-white) hairpiece. I don’t know what I was doing there, but I was. There. Watching with amusement as the serious older partner tried the hairpiece on for size then snatched it off his head and threw it back to the other younger partner and said, “No, I think people will be able to tell.” The funny thing was the older partner is (and was, in the dream) dark-haired and not in need of a piece. Very sensible, or else he would’ve gone out looking like a Top Deck chocolate bar.

This morning, I woke to another dream. A steamy, racy, saucy, raunchy sex dream. O.M.G. W.T.F. My heart was racing as I got out of bed, and I think I might’ve even been blushing. If I had been a 15-year old boy, I’m sure things would’ve been messy. Perhaps I’ve shared too much. I’m not sure why… I guess over-sharing has been somewhat of a theme this week. I can only apologise.


2 thoughts on “07.02.13

  1. Dear Jaded Lotus,

    You do know that your dreams are extensions of your subconscious mind. Your heart will definitely be racing if you have steamy, racy, saucy and raunchy sex with a 15 year old boy.

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