What’s the recommended daily or even weekly intake for eggs? And does it make a difference if it was an egg white only omelette? And if you have good things like cherry tomatoes and mushrooms added, does it make a difference? And while I’m at it, are mushrooms really all that – I mean they’re not green? It was a three egg white omelette, by the way. I could totally eat that every day. Which leads me back to the question. What’s the recommended…?


4 thoughts on “31.01.13

  1. *sniggers*
    you know in japan, most people believe that it’s good to have eggs every day because “it has all the vitamins and minerals you need”….does that help?

  2. Dear Jaded Lotus,

    You can eat as many eggs as you want if your blood level cholesterol stays within the recommended range. As far as general health is concern, if your blood pressure and sugar levels are within recommended range too, this eliminates a large majority of potential illness such as diabetes, heart disease etc. There is also no proven medical evidence that eating more fruits and vegetables leads to better health.

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