RakeIt’s Saturday night. And I’m at home alone… not drinking. Watching Rake, which is possibly one of the dumber choices a person who is abstaining could make. The main protagonist drinks, snorts, fucks like there’s no tomorrow. After watching two episodes earlier, I found myself rationalising: “We agreed no alcohol until 1 April, but we never said any other substances. Maybe…? OK… Maybe not. [SIGH]” (Meanwhile, inside my head: stir-crazy.)

So. It’s Saturday night. I’m at home. Alone. Not drinking.


4 thoughts on “12.01.13

  1. You are crazy!!!
    You’re really doing it aren’t you? Hats off (cheers! ;p ) to you woman!
    All the best with the challenge!

    Haha… Your thoughts, something that I can totally relate to. Well back in my ‘party days’, that is! 😉

    Ps: if it helps to make you feel better about a Saturday night in without even a glass of red, I had a massive night with girlfriends last Friday night and I still am sort of paying from it! Lost my voice and still haven’t got it back 100%! Sigh. I’m feeling old…

    • Hey Mans
      Yes, ma’am, you have that right. Here I am, smack-bang in self-imposed Drysville.
      Loss of voice – oooh, what DID you do to get to that? Drunken karaoke? (That’s usually how I lose mine.) 😉

  2. Dear Jaded Lotus,

    I must commend your self-imposed deprivation. It will be an exciting journey and I think you will also discover and learn a bit more about yourself because there will always be temptations along the way.

    Spending a Saturday night alone with elements of alcohol, drugs and sex seems like a good test of willpower to remain pure and faithful. However, the sweetness will be orgasmic when you eventually bite into that forbidden fruit.

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