sail against the sky

The sky was not blue today.

I bought myself a new iPad Mini this morning. I arrived in time to join the small queue at the Apple Store on George Street, walked through the doors at 08:00, and departed at 08:08 with the new toy under my arm. Now that’s what I call Express Service! I was feeling a tad guilty about buying myself a gadget that I don’t really need, and kept telling myself -all day long- it was OK because I was passing my old iPad (2nd gen) to the Hub who would make really good use of it.

Then before I left the office, my colleague handed over the $500 as agreed a few weeks ago. But don’t get too excited. I have to last until 31 March, inclusive! Argh! (It wouldn’t be a problem, but my bestie celebrates a milestone birthday next month. Alas, I’m going to have to decline that glass of celebratory Champagne.)

However, when I arrived home, there was a letter from the Tax Office to say I was due a rebate of about $475. Hurrah! I guess I really don’t feel bad buying my little treat.

So, it didn’t really matter what colour the sky was today.


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