Waiting for BaconFirst day back at work today. What’s my point, you may ask? No point really, except to say that I went to the Francis Bacon exhibition yesterday with friends and someone asked me what I did for work, and I said, “I work in an office… It’s really boring.” (And then I had to explain what exactly the company I work for does because no one ever knows. It’s one of those industries that seems frequently and consistently shrouded in myths and misconceptions, especially to people who know little to nothing about it.)

Besides thinking that it would be so much easier if I could just say, “bank” or “accounting firm”, I also sometimes catch myself wishing I worked in a creative industry rather than the the one I’m in now and so, I guess, by default that means it’s dull.

Oh, wait! I do have a point, actually. If you haven’t yet seen the Francis Bacon exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, and you like paint on canvas, then go. If nothing else, it will leave you with a sense of relief at how easy and vanilla -maybe even dull- your own life is. Hallelujah!


What say you?

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