Memory by Anish Kapoor

A highlight from yesterday was the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We were allowed to take photos so I snapped this one (using my iPhone so apologies for the low quality) of the massive 24-tonne metallic Memory (2008).

I wasn’t prepared for seeing Memory in IRL. I mean, I’d seen a few images beforehand, but the piece is enormous! When confronted by the big copper-coloured blimp, one can’t help but wonder (aloud – “How did it get here?”) about the logistics assembling such a piece – actually, quite a few of Kapoor’s pieces elicited such a response. Anyway, this vaguely alien egg is disorienting and jarring – it just looks like it’s not supposed to be there.

It made me think about space and our need for it.


What say you?

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