goldieI realise that yesterday was the day for round-ups of the year that was. Something happened last year which meant that I have been a bit anti-reminscing these days. I only live for today and for the future. That, and gold/gold-toned accessories. I can’t believe I’d been existing sans gold for so long, I mean, we’re talking a couple of decades.

No matter. I’ve re-embraced the stuff with a passion and I was thrilled to find the chunky number above while I was on my way to a yum cha catch-up with friends yesterday morning. And better still, it was on sale for – wait for it – $9! Yes, you read that right, nine dollars. Whoever coined the phrase ‘cheap thrill’ knew what she was talking about. It was certainly cheap and I was thrilled to make it a part of my new year’s eve outfit last night.

Hope you all had a great time seeing in 2013! Wishing you a year of thrills, cheap  or otherwise!


I forgot to say that as I was leaving, my doorman said, “You’re looking glamorous!” I thanked him, and held back from filling him in on where I was headed to see in the new year – Redfern. Possibly the least glamorous of Sydney’s inner city areas. (My bestie and his partner live there.)

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