What’s the recommended daily or even weekly intake for eggs? And does it make a difference if it was an egg white only omelette? And if you have good things like cherry tomatoes and mushrooms added, does it make a difference? And while I’m at it, are mushrooms really all that – I mean they’re not green? It was a three egg white omelette, by the way. I could totally eat that every day. Which leads me back to the question. What’s the recommended…?



I must’ve walked past at least three former addresses yesterday. According to my Fitbit, I notched up 36,282 steps/23.48 km walking around my old neighbourhood haunts, to and from the city and back again (twice). I went to bed with a blister at the base of my heel and this morning my calves are still protesting from being overworked. Quads were already sore from the run of the previous day. I fear I may be hobbling – a little – this morning.

The recommended total daily number of steps is 10,000, by the way.

I never seem to get enough of being outside under that endless cloudless blue sky whenever I come home.



What day is it? I’ve been more or less in ‘off’ mode for the last 24 hours. Managed to sleep until 5am today (unlike the 3am wide-awakening of the day before) and went for a 6am-ish run in the park, so now feeling pretty much normal. I’m walking around the city now thinking about it in terms of “This is where I’ll retire eventually.” I know I’m a still young to be thinking such thoughts but this is probably the first time I’ve ever really thought of the future in terms of a plan. I’ve always simply gone with the flow.


chubby sticksI’m supposed to be packing for a week in Perth right now… But I’m procrastinating.

I always tend to over-pack, however, I’ve decided I’m going to go low-low-low key this visit. I mean, I haven’t even reached out to any of the usual suspects to book in catch-ups or dinners so it’s not like I’ll need to be getting zhoozhed-up or anything. So that means just the Clinique Chubby Sticks, but how to decide on just one…?


bw buildingIt hasn’t been a tempest of a week… besides the 8pm finish on Monday, things have actually been pretty Regular. Nothing out of the ordinary, no over-and-above the call of duty stuff.

But, I haven’t really been here. My brain, I mean, I think it was last seen Sunday night, headed West.

At the office, I’m feigning interest. Can I even be bothered to pretend today?


sweet orangeOn repeat this week, Frank Ocean’s Sweet Life. I can’t get enough. Have you heard it? It’s not brand new, but it doesn’t get old (for me). It brought me back to the genre in its slow, sweet and mellow way.


stay on trackI won’t lie, I very nearly came unstuck yesterday afternoon. The Hub had opened a bottle of something red from Italy and it smelt simply wondrous. Mind you, I’m not normally a red wine drinker, but I really wanted some at that moment. I didn’t, though, I’m relieved to say, but I was still thinking about it this morning (and now! — because I’ve just had dinner) which just goes to show the funny stuff that goes on in one’s head in prohibition-style circumstances. But for now, I remain on track.