black and white

I don’t often bother with what others think. Not outwardly anyway. But recently I’ve been forced to listen to more than one third party view of something very personal to me and it’s been irksome. I know people just want to help, and they think that putting in their two cents means that they are, but you know what? Life’s not black and white. You can’t say “Blah… make it so. All fixed.” You know?




Things are moving in a different direction now. What I thought we would be doing next year is now looking less likely.

But then again, I don’t know.

No rest for the wicked…

(My work keyboard is disgusting! I should’ve taken a photo of the Mac’s keyboard instead; it’s pristine.)



I’ve been a AWOL this week, somewhat, I know, but it hasn’t meant that I haven’t been thinking and wanting to share. But I just couldn’t. Don’t you feel that way sometimes? Talking doesn’t always help.

Nonetheless, I’m still here. I see you are, too.


11.12.12I’ve been wondering for a while (i.e. years): why don’t they make more plain white toothbrushes? Why do they need to have stripes or be in garish colours? Do they make for a more effective tool?

I don’t normally use the dental kits hotels provide but when I saw the simple white toothbrush, I grabbed. Two. I would’ve taken more but I didn’t realise the until halfway through my stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney, and so I was only able to nab a couple.

Just plain white. My dentist gave me one years ago – I was unable to find it in the shops.┬áJust plain white. How hard can it be to satisfy the most undemanding, boring customers out there? Just plain white. Now you know how much of a nerd I am.


10.12.12When I lived in London, I used to call friends back ‘home’ when I was out; a lot of my calls used to take place in the early hours of the morning when I was tipsy and chatty. Now that I am living in the same country as family and friends, the calls don’t seem to happen as frequently. I know that sounds ironic and odd, but the fact is I hardly ever feel like talking on the phone – I have to psych myself up to do it.

These days, calls home are even scarcer because daylight saving has added an extra hour between Western Australia and New South Wales – it’s normally two hours and much easier to work around. On weekends, when I want to call, Perth is still asleep; when Perth is awake, I’m at the gym or having lunch or busy with errands; when I want to call before heading out for the evening, it’s naptime in the West. I just can’t seem to coordinate a time that works. I wish WA would get with the daylight saving/summertime programme.