Pacha at ivyFound myself at Pacha at ivy last night. Just when I thought I was getting too old to be at such places. It was mainly for the Hub who needed to see the place in action for an upcoming something. (I’m being vague, I apologise, but I can’t share more than that.)

As you can see, there was entertainment which I enjoyed but it did bring on the acrophobia and a touch of vertigo… (The quartet of feathered dancers on the ledge in the bottom left pic wore safety harnesses around their corseted waists.)

I was watching from a balcony, and I chose to remain there instead of joining the dancing throng below which means I got home unscathed (no squashed toes) and with barely a bead of sweat on me. Well, I did say I was getting old for this sort of activity so the outcome was perfectly acceptable.

More pics here.


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